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I imagine that a few eyebrows just went up, as you may not have known about this charm before. No one can blame you; it had a hot stint on eBay a few years ago and rarely makes an appearance now. I have heard several people say that it's available at the outlets, which makes me wonder - was there some hidden stash that they found and shipped out (unlikely), or was this re-made and sent straight to outlets (quite possible)?

This charm goes by mannequin and dress form, but be sure not to mix it up with its sibling charm, the black velvet jewelry display (think of the neck forms you often see in jewelry stores that showcase necklaces) which I am so sad to say that I do not own.

Back on topic. The pink smooth fabric covers a very sturdy body shape; I wouldn't be surprised if it's metal or wood beneath. It's wrapped in a sash that says "Juicy Couture High Glam" and is belted with a row of crystals. The neck is highly decorated with a triple strand of crystals and a drop pendant in both the front and the back.

This charm is a little unusual if you're one who collects them for personal meaning, unless you should happen to be in the fashion industry or have fond memories of someone close to you teaching you how to sew. (I'm afraid of my sewing machine, to be honest.) I was on the fence about this one when it was first around. Now I'm glad I have it and I kick myself for never getting the jewelry form, especially since (if I'm remembering right) it had a strand of pearls around the neck. Oh well, lesson learned!

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0489


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I saw this one in an outlet about 3 months ago. I must say it kinda creeps me out. Its like a decapitated pink limbless torso.

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