On The Horizon: Carousel Horse


Spotted at Bloomingdale's online Juicy Couture Summer Trunk Show: one runaway carousel horse, headed for the gold family.

I've added this one to my list, simply because my bedroom when I was a kid had carousel horses all over it. I've always loved carousels and I'm excited about this charm, even if I'm not over the moon about the color scheme. (Blue and red, Juicy? Really?) Plus the head looks a little misshapen to me.. perhaps the ears aren't big or pronounced enough?

It's a shame that Juicy doesn't release things in themes - they could have hit one out of the park with a set of carousel animals and/or carnival themed charms.

$: 58.00
Where: Pre-order from Bloomingdales.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Buying!
Plus One?: One for Little E - she's a horse fanatic.
Misc.: I'm not going to place a pre-order for this one. I plan on holding out to see if I can find it for at least a 15-20% discount. $58 is high, especially since the detail isn't extraordinary on this one. And don't forget that you can earn 2% cash back through LuckyRewards on all Bloomingdale's purchases.


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I concur with the ear remark. I had a cat once that got both of his ears ripped off in a fight, and thats what this horse's ears look like. Im also not thrilled that he doesnt have the carousel pole, either.

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