Archive: Mannequin


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I imagine that a few eyebrows just went up, as you may not have known about this charm before. No one can blame you; it had a hot stint on eBay a few years ago and rarely makes an appearance now. I have heard several people say that it's available at the outlets, which makes me wonder - was there some hidden stash that they found and shipped out (unlikely), or was this re-made and sent straight to outlets (quite possible)?

This charm goes by mannequin and dress form, but be sure not to mix it up with its sibling charm, the black velvet jewelry display (think of the neck forms you often see in jewelry stores that showcase necklaces) which I am so sad to say that I do not own.

Back on topic. The pink smooth fabric covers a very sturdy body shape; I wouldn't be surprised if it's metal or wood beneath. It's wrapped in a sash that says "Juicy Couture High Glam" and is belted with a row of crystals. The neck is highly decorated with a triple strand of crystals and a drop pendant in both the front and the back.

This charm is a little unusual if you're one who collects them for personal meaning, unless you should happen to be in the fashion industry or have fond memories of someone close to you teaching you how to sew. (I'm afraid of my sewing machine, to be honest.) I was on the fence about this one when it was first around. Now I'm glad I have it and I kick myself for never getting the jewelry form, especially since (if I'm remembering right) it had a strand of pearls around the neck. Oh well, lesson learned!

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0489

Archive: Fawn


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I apologize for the steep drop-off in posting; finals are around the corner and I'm preoccupied with that (as I imagine some of you are, as well - good luck!). Some days I feel like a deer in headlights with everything that's due, so what better time is there to talk about the fawn?

Taller than you might expect, this sweet little creature is one of the best animal charms Juicy has ever put out. Apart from the necklace, he escaped without any branding (remember "Juicy" hung across the Toucan's backside?). Note the crystal detail where you would usually see small white spots on a deer - I think this is fantastic! It's an incredibly unique and adorable way to work in some sparkle without it being overkill. There could have been a little more variation amongst the colors on the body, but overall I have no complaints about this charm. I'm especially ecstatic that he can stand on his own (as shown in the second photo), so long as you position him correctly.

Be very careful when searching for this one on eBay - the fakes are good and can almost pass for an exact match (they even correctly placed all of the crystal spots on the fakes I've seen), with the exception of the necklace detail and the head being tilted too far in. Make sure you look over photos thoroughly and request more if necessary when looking for the fawn.

Price: 50.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0830*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Fawn charm. I did order this charm myself from before they closed, and it has never been kept in any other box except for that which it came in.

Archive: Look Book


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I don't actually know what a look book is. Is it a catalog? A diary full of images? Something entirely fictional created for the purpose of this charm? Whatever it may actually be, here it is.

A relatively small little golden book (childhood flashback!) opens up to reveal colorful images that all relate back to the Juicy brand. Do they mean anything? No idea. I definitely crack up every time I read the "take this couture and shove it" page, though. It makes me believe that not all girls who love Juicy are prim and proper; some of us are probably just a few shots away from a bar fight every now and then. (The heft of this charm is capable of producing a black eye or two, I'm sure.) My favorite part of the entire book is the back, on which Juicy imprinted symbols to spell out their name.

I am never quite sure if this charm only came with a set on a bracelet, or if it was released individually. I have one that was boxed by itself so I'll have to assume that it was both. For that reason I'm including both sets of information (the boxed bracelet and the individual boxed charm).

Price: $355.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0208*
*This information is for the entire bracelet set, which includes more than just this charm.

Price: 65.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0174+

+This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct YJRU code for the Look Book charm.

Archive: Pave Pineapple


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If only it had been sunnier outside when I was taking photos. This, for many people, is a HG charm. Why? Because Juicy has never made anything that even comes close to this baby.

Now, to my knowledge, this pineapple only came on a bracelet with a set of removable charms - the original pink tin of mints, the look book, the orange bikini, the purple bowler, and the pave J. You will find, however, that this bracelet has been disassembled by many resellers and is often sold by itself. If you can find it you should get it.

The weight of this charm is fantastic. I often wonder if it isn't entirely solid on the inside. The crystals aren't immune to falling out, and their large size makes it quite noticeable when one goes missing. The sparkle they give off well makes up for it, though. I guarantee that wearing it out into the sun will catch more than an eye or two. This one definitely makes it into my top five.

Price: $355.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0208*

*This information is for the entire bracelet set, which includes more than just this charm. This post is dedicated to Joanne, Nicole, and the rest of you who find themselves on a quest for the pave pineapple.

Archive: Shield

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I won't lie to you; this isn't my favorite charm and I have no idea what posessed me to buy it. I think it's better suited for someone who loves Juicy for the brand, or perhaps works in one of their boutiques.

The detail on the back is magnificent, though. It's one of the few pieces I have ever seen that has etchings in more than three colors (black, pink, and green). I especially love the two yorkies - they look like they're trying to high-five one another.

Outside of that there's not much more I have to say on this charm. It's kind of plain and if I were to do anything with it I'd stick it on a handbag to add a little extra detail.

Price: $40.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0787

Archive: Pegasus


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I almost missed out on this one, to tell you the truth. I thought it was a little too young for me (back when I was 22 or 23 - go ahead and laugh) but eventually something (perhaps my future self?) convinced me to pick one up.

Not one part of me regrets it, as this little guy is gorgeous - more gorgeous than these photos can ever really convey. His pearly white body seems perfectly chiseled and the golden tail, mane, and hoof detail are striking against the color. Look closely and you'll notice that, despite the sparkling appearance, there are no crystals where the eyes are - just silver detail that gives him a lively expression. His wings, however, are full of glitz, with crystals from base to tip.

My only complaint is what appears to be the black coloring beneath the crystals on the wings. I'm not sure if the small silver/black bumps serve some sort of mechanical purpose, but white could have given a more airy or feathery feeling to them.

Price: $50.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0407

Archive: Watermelon

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Ahh, yes. One of the first non-cherry, non-strawberry charms that Juicy threw out there. When you look at this charm and then look at some of the newer fruit charms (like the orange slice) you can see how much simpler the charms were just a few years ago.

I like watermelon, and I like this charm but I do have a few lingering questions about this one. First, why not a wedge? I imagine we're all more likely to eat watermelon wedges or chunks, rather than 1/4 of an entire watermelon. Second, why only white seeds? I think one of the most iconic things about this fruit is the dark black seeds against the translucent pinky-red insides. This older one seems to be a staple on wishlists for those who are new to Juicy's charms, so you can usually expect to pay well above original retail for it. It is often advertised as rare & hard to find - I doubt it's truly as rare as some sellers want us to believe, but it IS a hard to find item. Only one has made its way onto eBay in the last month, and sold for $85.

Price: $35.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0377

Archive: Igloo


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image nameimage name
Add this to the list of highly sought-after charms. The photos alone should tell you why people pay well into the hundreds for this one; the detail is probably the best I've ever seen on a charm, apart from the Gingerbread House.

Make sure to click on the first photo for a bigger version so you can see the amazing shimmery pink color that coats the entire outside of the igloo. It reminds me of the pale pink icing that you can find on cookies (such as Keebler's Animal Iced Cookies). The crystals that meet at every intersection on the igloo are a fantastic touch that gives the charm an extra dimension. A sweet little "S" lock holds the front door shut, perhaps so that no cold air puts a damper on the fun waiting inside.

Here we find a yorkie (yes, Juicy's mascot is a Yorkshire Terrier, despite its uncanny resemblance to a Scottie dog), paws up by the fire. The "logs" beneath the fire are actually colored brown, while the yellow flames loose some of their color toward the top, letting the gold base peek through. The pretty hot pink carpet is outlined with what else -- a dainty ring of crystals. The bottom of the charm reveals one last kitschy detail - the phrase "Baby It's Cold Outside," which is a sweet little nod to a very classic Christmas song.

This charm will forever make it into my top 5, if not my top 3. Few other charms have ever had this kind of miniature detail and most days I still don't believe that I picked this one up while it was still available in regular retail stores (mine came from Kitson, whom I believe no longer carries Juicy charms). I often feel the same way about the Gingerbread House (whose appearance on Charm Candy won't be until much closer to Christmas), even though that one isn't nearly as old. If you love yorkies or have one (I do!) then this is definitely a keeper if you can nab it.

Price: $55.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0540

Archive: Pink Strawberry

image name
As much as I love pink, I think that's the one thing I wish this charm were lacking. Light pink strawberries in real life are sickly looking, and I usually avoid eating them because the flavor is so off. To me, the deep vibrant red ones are always the best.

Juicy is no stranger to the strawberry charm. There are at least three that I can recall off the top of my head, including this one (the other two would be the plain red enamel strawberry and the chocolate-dipped pink crystal strawberry). I suppose that if I could combine the style of this charm with the red enamel from the older one I'd be on cloud nine. Since there are so many strawberry charms already I suppose it's not out of the question for me to wish that Juicy will eventually produce another version.

The crystal "seeds" on this charm are what makes it worth having. It adds an understated and elegant detail; they're not as flashy as the chocolate-dipped pave strawberry, and it catches the eye quicker than the all enamel one. Juicy also did a great job with the leaves, as they're the perfect bright shade of green to compliment the pale pink fruit.

Price: $35.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0598

Store Review: ShopRapunzels

When a lovely TPFer posted about this new Juicy source, I so wanted them to be my IT store. They looked like a perfect replacement for SDR/SBB - not so big that they'd sell out within minutes and not so small that they would never have anything good. They even had free shipping and a discount code so I would be able to make the transition from SDR/SBB easily.

As it turns out, my optimism was short lived. Placing an order and getting the discount was easy enough. But shortly after my order confirmation e-mail arrived a second, rather unpleasant one followed: because I live in Hawaii I was not eligible for free shipping and would have to pay an extra $20, despite the fact that the checkout system didn't charge me for shipping. $20???!!! Are you nuts?! That pretty much canceled out the discount I had received and quite frankly, if I'm going to pay full price for a charm, I'm going to go straight to the Juicy boutique to get it. So I had a moment and fired off an e-mail back to them with a short shipping tangent inside and told them that I wasn't paying $20 for shipping and if they couldn't figure out a way to send it for free as promised then I didn't want it. I even tipped them off that the 3 charms I had ordered could fit snugly inside of a small flat rate USPS Priority box, which mails for less than $5.

A short time later I received another e-mail, offering to "look into" shipping the items via USPS, but that they did not have the best tracking methods. To add insult to injury they threw in the tidbit that international packages had gone missing before with USPS. It could be that the person writing the e-mail had no idea that Hawaii is, in fact, part of the United States and does not require international shipping. But I have to reassure you all right now that we do make up 1 of 50 states and you can come here without a passport. I informed them of these things and figured I wasn't going to be getting my charms.

I suppose luck was on my side that day. The very sweet Web Manager named Juliette e-mailed me back and let me know that they would be sending the charms via USPS flat rate for free, and would work on their shipping policies for Hawaii. She included that they're still a small business and work hard to please the customers they receive. I have to really give her two thumbs up for that - they could've just canceled my order and sold everything to someone else. Please refer to the Shipping & Tax information to read about how the charms actually arrived.

It's not as extensive as you'll find with department store websites or Juicy's official website, but it's good. There are just under 20 charms listed right now, with a healthy mix of older (pave banana, frame) and new (orange slice, script pearl).

Regular retail pricing for Juicy merchandise.

Customer Service:
Once I got past the automated e-mails and received contact from an actual person everything was smooth sailing.

Their return policy is here. After the hassle I went through to get my 3 charms there was no way I was returning them, so I can't tell you how easy or difficult it will be.

Sign up for the e-mails! Not long after my first (and so far only) order I received a few more discount codes for an assortment of merchandise, including Juicy Couture items.

Shipping & Tax:
You've already read my disgruntled tirade about their shipping procedures. I should also include that when my charms did arrive they came in a larger sized USPS Priority flat rate box without ANY padding or packing materials. There's no doubt that those little boxes banged around and had quite a rough journey on their way over. They also removed the foam from inside the boxes. Thankfully, nothing was broken. Their entire shipping policy can be found here and should be read before placing an order if you live outside of the continental United States. ShopRapunzels does offer international shipping. Florida residents may find themselves facing tax, as the store has 3 retail locations in the Palm Beach area.

One Last Thing: My unpleasant experience with ShopRapunzels is not the only one out there. If you had a bad experience as well, please post about it in the comments. Having said that, you should know that my or anyone else's frustration with the company doesn't necessarily mean that you should avoid doing business with them. I don't want to obliterate them in this review, and I think everyone deserves a fair chance. If you had a good experience with their website please e-mail me or post about it in the comments, because I really would like to hear about it. :)

Launching: Charm Candy Exchange


Launching over the weekend will be Charm Candy's very own Exchange Program - a private site that allows you to post your charm wishlist, along with a "look book" of charms you're thinking of re-homing. This will connect reliable sellers and buyers with a way to save on fees and perhaps find an older charm or two at a great price.

A little more detail:
  • Membership is by invitation only
  • Charter members will each receive one invitation for a friend
  • All future membership invitations will be reviewed by current members
  • Members will receive one extra entry for all future Charm Candy contests
To qualify:
  • You must have been an active member on TPF for a minimum of 4 months, with a minimum of 500 posts
  • You must have been an active poster on the JC Charm thread for a minimum of 3 months
  • You must have posted at least 5 different different photos of your own charms
  • You may be asked to provide your eBay ID for a feedback check (the selling and/or buying of fake items is strictly prohibited)
  • Offensive or controversial material regarding yourself or your opinions posted outside of TPF may be taken into consideration
Charter members can expect to receive their invitation over the weekend. If you do not receive an invitation but are interested in joining make sure to get posting and get yourself noticed somewhere - either by commenting on Charm Candy entries, or by posting in the JC thread. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail!

Newly Added - Application

1. TPF ID (this is absolutely required.. anyone without an ACTIVE TPF ID will not be considered):
2. eBay ID (optional):
3. Main reason for applying?:

Please note that you will need to have an account at (it's free) before you will be able to submit an application to Charm Candy.

Archive: Seahorse

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This is another charm that you'll find reaches epic proportions on eBay, alongside the mermaid. Why? Quite possibly because, until recently, not many aquatic creature charms had been produced.

I really do love this little guy, though I've never understood why Juicy opted to color him with black enamel instead of something a little more festive, or even white. The black doesn't really seem to flow with the light green and airy crystals, but that could be just me. While his belly and part of his tail are jade-colored, don't mistake it for anything more than lightweight plastic, and don't be fooled by any auction description that tries to convince you otherwise.

The crystals on the seahorse's body are the most immaculate details of all on the entire piece, Not only do they wrap around in rings on the tail, but the head was fashioned in such a way that it almost looks like a small crown sits up there. The shape of the nose and cheeks are spot-on, in regards to a real seahorse.

I really have no complaints about this charm, apart from the black enamel detail. I desperately hope that Juicy revisits this charm and (fingers crossed!) puts out a leafy sea dragon version. If you've never seen one I highly recommend Googling the endangered species - it is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen in real life.

Price: $50.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0767

Archive: Sled

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When I pulled this charm out my first instinct was to save it for a holiday themed post. But my OCD kicked in and it's being posted now because I'm trying to finish all of the older charms (black/blue boxed) before I move onto the newer ones (pink/brown, silver charms, and LE charms). So today is your lucky day if you were wondering about the sled.

I'm not sure when or why I acquired this charm.. any sled I ever rode was not quite this fancy. But should you get the chance to touch this one you'll know why I've held onto it for this long. I'm not sure if Juicy used genuine wood for the seat, but I'll assume they did (it doesn't feel like anything fancy.. perhaps just a small bit of balsa wood). The logo isn't just printed on top of the seat, it's actually burned in there. It could be carved but I think the detail is too intricate for that and I doubt you'll find many hand-made details on something as mass produced as Juicy charms. A small row of crystals in conjunction with red acrylic detail creates an almost arrow shape toward the front of the sled. You can see that the bottom is fairly uninteresting, but I imagine that most real sleds don't have much of anything going on there, either. Once again, the lobster clasp is the heaviest piece of this charm.

This is a perfect charm for those of you who live in cold weather climates or have fond memories of spending winter vacations on a sled such as this. I've contemplated selling it several times but the logo detail on the wood is what keeps it in the back of my armoire.

Price: $40.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0565

Archive: Ice Cream Soda


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What is the most surprising thing about this charm? Its original retail price, for one. But the biggest visible shocker is that there is not even one crystal to be found anywhere on this ice cream soda. Yes, you heard me right. Juicy made a charm and did not adorn it with anything sparkly.

Still, this charm is often hunted by collectors and those new to the addiction alike. Why? It's pink, most people love ice cream, and it is very dainty in comparison to some of Juicy's other charms (the new white elephant, for example, which is a behemoth). Yet none of this prevents me from having a few complaints about this sweet treat.

For one thing, I have to reiterate my displeasure with the lack of pizazz that this charm has. Why not add a few crystals to the strawberry? Top off the whipped cream with a sparkling sprinkle or two? Add a little rhinestone detail to the rim or base of the glass? Even the strawberry's color lacks some serious luster; it's a very pale red color that's almost sheer enough to see the gold base beneath. My second major complaint is that the lobster clasp is attached to the strawberry, which makes it impossible for the charm to hang straight when worn. The straw is forever touching the solid round part of the clasp, which can lead to scratching and weakening of the straw itself. One final complaint? How is this even reminiscent of a soda float? Most people, including myself, usually refer to this charm as a "milkshake" since the glass is a solid creamy pink color and really gives no indication that soda was ever even a part of the design.

Do I love this charm? Sure. Do I wish Juicy would re-release an updated version? Everytime I look at it.

Price: $35.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0816

Archive: Toucan

image name
I've got a thing for birds. Not that I don't love all animals, but there's something very majestic about birds. The detail and coloring that you see on some of them is nothing short of phenomenol. I actually have a lovebird and a finch, but nothing quite as exotic as a toucan. If I could I would, though.

If I didn't have him, I think the Toucan charm would be my HG. Not just because it's a bird, but because of the colors and the way the whole charm is put together. None of the other bird charms (lovebirds in a cage, lovebirds in a heart, sparrow, owl, penguin) are quite this simple, or this large. He comes in just below the 1.5" mark, and is the perfect size for hanging alone on a necklace. The heaviest part of the charm is the lobster claw, so his lightness is an added bonus for me. Smaller details include a crystal for each eye and the word "Juicy" tagged across his backside. It sounds kind of cheesy but it's barely noticeable.

Those of you who have seen a toucan in real life know that their colorings are nowhere near the way Juicy has portrayed them. That doesn't prevent me from imagining, however, that deep in some untouched pastel rain forest a candy-colored Toucan is flitting around with all of the other mythical and imagined creatures that we've all carried with us from our childhoods.

Price: $40.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0725

Archive: Wedding Cake


image nameimage name
image name
Meet one of the most highly sought-after charms that Juicy has ever produced: the coveted Wedding Cake charm. Resale value has been sky-high since its release, fetching up to 4 times the original retail price.

So why is this charm such a must have piece? The detail! It's all about the detail. Rings of crystals wrap around the base of each layer, which immediately provokes happy feelings from those of us who are easily distracted by sparkly objects. Bright pink flowers with springy green detail adorn each tier, and a larger one wrapped in almost a minty colored cover tops it off. Smaller crystal flowers keep up the floral theme that is usually a part of traditional wedding cakes. The bottom does pop open to reveal a sweet message, but little else. I'm also not too wild about the sickly yellow-green color on the inside. Juicy, if you meant for this to be vanilla you missed the mark! My pictures also fail to showcase the gold banner that wraps around the cake, which reads "Why Am I Always Hungry?" Is this a shout-out to brides who starve themselves before the wedding, or a coy nod to those of us who agree to attend weddings just for the cake and food?

Note that this cake is quite hefty: it's about one and one-quarter inch long and has some definite weight to it, despite being hollow on the inside. It would make a really cute gift for an engaged friend or even for bridesmaids, but may be a little too conspicuous for the big day itself.

Price: $55.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0766

Archive: Peach

image nameimage name
Bet you're suddenly craving a peach, right? I know I was the second I popped the box open.

Juicy usually has a way with fruit charms and this one is no exception. Pictures will never truly do this charm justice, as the orange coloring on the outside is incredibly beautiful. Different peachy tones of orange and white all swirl together beneath the glossy surface. "You're A Peach" is emblazoned on the front, so this would make a great gift for someone that you're fond of.

Inside we find a little more detail. The peach pit isn't boring like the real deal; it has been replaced with a sweet oval crystal, which I'm sure many of us would rather find in the middle of a peach instead of what we normally get.

My only complaint for this particular charm is that it's flat. Possibly because it's more like a locket than anything else, but Juicy could have kept it a little more true to life by making it rounder. And as many of us are unfortunate enough to know, opening and closing mechanisms on Juicy charms only cause them to be more prone to accidental breakage over time.

Price: $50.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0452

Archive: Clown

image nameimage name
I suppose the common fear of clowns is what prevents this charm from being seen more often. Granted, it's missing the typical white face with bizarre colored markings, which is probably why I think of this more as a jester than I do a clown.

Either way, this little guy is incredibly whimsical. His features include a lone crystal eye, pointed golden nose, crystal earring, a frilly ring of ruffles around his neck, crystal hands, a very large and sweet pink heart body, and MC Hammer-esque pants covered in pave crystals. And of course I can't ignore the bezel-set crystal hanging from his cone hat. Coming in just shy of 2 inches tall I think this is one clown who is low on the scary factor (though I do wonder why he was only given one eye) and packing a lot of cute. His body is connected in three segments (head, heart, legs); this gives a lot of life and motion to him when worn. Should you happen to have that all-too-unpleasant fear of clowns, this charm might be a good way to work toward getting past it. ;)

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0831

Archive: Hibiscus

image nameimage name
Oh, Juicy. How I wish so badly that you had made a pair of earrings to match this charm. I would have loved to have seen miniaturized versions - the charm itself is slightly bigger than a quarter.

Would this charm make it into my top 10? Probably not (but only because so many of the LE holiday charms fill up those spots). Top 20? Definitely. Depending on how the light hits the flower petals it can have anything from a very light, white pearly appearance to a deep peach color near the center. It's not real mother-of-pearl but the effect is achieved just as well. The best part of the whole charm has to be the way they interpreted the center pieces of the real flower. Instead of long trumpets peeking out we have a loose group of gold chains with make up the word "Juicy" in addition to a small bezel-set crystal. As an added bonus (for me, at least) this charm is very lightweight. Also note how the second photo shows the depth that this charm has; it's not just a bunch of flat petals grouped together. They dip down toward the center, giving it subtle dimension.

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0597

Pink Alert: Free Charm at Juicy Couture

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 23rd) may be a good shopping day for those of you who live near a regular Juicy Couture boutique. Why? Spend $100 or more on any regular-priced jewelry purchase and receive a free charm. Juicy Couture Ala Moana says the charms being given out with purchases are the nail polish, yorkie in carrier, and banana (possibly banana split - not too clear on that).

So is it a good deal? It really all depends on how you shop. If you stick to buying in stores then yes, this is a great deal. You'll be able to stock up on pretty baubles and walk away with a free $48 charm. If you're an online shopper then no, this isn't that great of a deal. For one thing, no sale pieces can be used to reach your $100 mark. For another, you'll be paying full retail price for anything you purchase, as Juicy rarely offers discounts in-store. Personally I'm skipping the "sale" as I already have the free charms they're offering and managed to get most of the current charms at a discount from Revolve. I did, however, ask my very sweet SA to keep her eye out for the upcoming Panda for me. I'm very anxiously awaiting his arrival and plan on purchasing at least one extra.

This offer is not valid at outlets or

Archive: Socks


image nameimage name
This has got to be one of the oldest charms that I have ever owned. In fact, it's the only one that I've ever seen with the smaller, more circular lobster clasp. I think its simplicity gives you an idea of how far Juicy has come in terms of design since they first started with the charms.

I wish they'd re-do this charm. The idea is cute and I definitely own my fair share of socks. Maybe something in a bright green or aquamarine color with a print instead of Juicy's name? I also have never been able to understand why (or who, for that matter) thought it would be a good idea to print "Smells Like Couture" along the bottom of the sock. I'm fairly confident in guessing that 90% of the women shopping at Juicy prefer not to talk about whether their socks and shoes smell like couture or not. Thankfully the words have always been pretty faint on this charm.

Price: N/A
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0408*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding price and name tags to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct YJRU code for the Socks charm.

Pink Alert: eLuxury


As you may or may not know, eLuxury will be closing down the retail division of their website this summer. I've never really ordered a lot of charms from them since they rarely ever have great sales and shipping is a swift kick to the gut. However, the few charms that they do have left are at a really great discount, and shipping is free if you hit $100. As of today (04/21/09) here's what's left:

Viva La Juicy Frame, $29
Candy Corn, $29
LE Devil Yorkie, $29
Malibu Gold Tanning Oil, $25
Snow Boot, $29
Luxe Starter Necklace, $59
Starter Charm Bracelet, $25

They also have the LE Holiday Bracelet from '08 that includes the Christmas Tree, Stocking, and Snowflake charms (plus a really adorable heart that reads I ♥ Chocolate Santas - why was this never released individually?!) for $92. The major drawback to this bracelet, aside from the price, is that the charms are not removable.

Other Juicy accessories and jewelry pieces are available, but I've only listed the charm related stuff here. And as an added bonus, Lucky Rewards will get you 2% cash back on your purchase with eLuxury.

Update: I received an e-mail today from Louis Vuitton, stating that as of May 15th all of their products will be exclusive to their own website. Perhaps this is the official closing date for eLux? If so, the time to jump on merchandise is now.. less than a month left!

Archive: Set of 3 Charms


I think that this set and its individual parts often find themselves at the center of authenticity debates. Why? For one thing, this is the only set of its kind released by Juicy - the charms are smaller in size than most others, it didn't come in the traditional charm box, and rarely do multiple charms ever come packaged together sans bracelet.

But don't let any of these things stop you from hunting this too-sweet set down. The Juicy-given name is pretty bland: Set of 3 Charms? Why not something more descriptive, like Girly Trio? Who knows. Either way this set, comprised of a small teddy bear with a bow around its neck, a purple perfume atomizer complete with purple chain tassels, and a pair of ruffled underwear (the ruffles are on the back - can't believe I forgot to take pictures of that! Check back for an additional photo soon..) encompasses some of the typical things that come along with being a girl. This set is often disassembled and re-sold as individual charms on eBay.. the one that fetches the highest price is, of course, the ruffly panties. Don't discount the bear, though; his bow boasts a very small crystal at the knot and stitching over his body like a real teddy bear has.

Price: $75.00
Box: Pink Heart/Brown "Leather"
Code: YJRU0650

Stash: Flamingo

image nameimage name
Eventually, if not already, I will sound like a broken record cooing over how beautiful/cute/adorable/gorgeous some of these charms are. You're going to have to either ignore me or go with it!

I love this flamingo. Just look at the detail on the face and stomach. It isn't properly conveyed in the photos, but the legs and neck have a delicacy to them, just like the actual animal. The extended foot is holding a larger crystal, which is inexplicable but a sweet touch.

I'm wary of the pave belly but not excessively bothered by it. They're set in metal so they should hold up well during light to normal wear and use. I pretty much have no complaints about this charm - it was at the top of my list (aside from the Panda) and I wasn't even remotely disappointed. If anything my expectations were exceeded! This charm will probably have a high resale value once it is several seasons old, as most of Juicy's animal charms (sans Yorkie) do.

Price: $52.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2946
Season: Spring 2009
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Stash: Pink Popsicle

image nameimage name
If it wasn't obvious by now, I'm a sucker for pink. I loved pink as a kid, had a pepto bismol pink room until I was 10, and then it was pink stripes with carousel horses after that. Pink carpet. PINK PINK PINK! Breathe deep though, because I did go through that weird-but-typical rebellion against pink and wore a lot of black when I was 15. I rebounded sometime later, returning to my love of.. PINK.

When this charm first appeared on Nordstrom's website I knew I'd have to get it, regardless of price and quality. The quality issue is a big one on this charm, for several reasons. The first one is that the entire piece (including the "sticks") are made from some type of very lightweight plastic/acrylic. It looks like small metal wires run into the popsicle part itself, which hopefully reduces the chances of the "sticks" breaking off. Still, this light plastic means that this charm will crunch very easily if accidentally stepped on or smooshed. Which brings me to point two.. the crystals. If you even look at this charm crooked the crystals are going to come out. I love this one and I want to hang it off my purse during the summer but I know that as soon as I do all of those pretty little sparkles are going to wind up on a floor somewhere, never to be heard from again. Note that the crystals are limited to the front of the popsicle.

The price is also unreasonably high for the popsicle charm, given the materials it's made from and the imminent problem of missing pieces. Despite the obvious flaws in this one, it's still a very delicious charm.

Price: $42.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2992
Season: Spring 2009
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Stash: Popcorn

image nameimage name

I think this charm will invoke a wide variety of memories from those who purchase it. Whether it's the forgotten days of the circus, memories of a local fair, unforgettable movies, or just the simple love of the buttery treat, this is a very iconic representation of all those things. I almost wish that a little more detail had been put into the popcorn itself, perhaps sprinkling in a little bit of white to define the pieces (though I doubt I would complain if someone handed me a bag full of gold popcorn).

This charm does open in the middle, though there's nothing inside. There's enough room for maybe one jelly bean, should you be planning to keep a little somethin' somethin' in there. If you haven't purchased this charm yet but are on the hunt for one I highly suggest checking the lock that connects the popcorn to the bag before you leave the store or as soon as you receive your shipment. Locks are another problem on Juicy charms; the more they're used the looser they become. However there are many charms out there that practically need the jaws of life to be pried open at first. Also note that the first picture is an accurate representation of how this charm will hang when worn, as the lobster clasp is (for some wild and unknown reason) is attached to the side of the charm.

Price: $58.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2876
Season: Spring 2009
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Stash: Orange

Ahh, hello agent orange. Could this charm be any more beautiful? Maybe if it were pave on both sides.. but then again, I wouldn't dare wear it if it were. We all know how notorious these charms are for losing a crystal or two with minimal wear. I don't see that being a huge problem with this one; the stones are so deeply set that you're not able to feel them when you run your finger over that side. So unless you plan on scratching your orange (which I'm sure is code for something naughty somewhere in the world) excessively with your fingernail or a sharp instrument, you should be just fine.

I can't say it enough times: this charm is unbelievably gorgeous. If you haven't seen it in person and you're on the fence about it I guarantee that is what will make up your mind. Juicy chose to use very vibrant hues of orange and kept it simple: one half is covered in orange pave crystals, while the other side is just a shiny display of color. Early versions/fakes on eBay had white crystals, which looked really washed out and just plain hideous. (Keep an eye out for that if you're crusing auction sites - it's a hallmark for a fake.) It's not pictured in the photos but the traditional Juicy Couture logo is emblazoned on the rind.

Price: $58.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2947
Season: Spring 2009
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.
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