On The Horizon: Lucky 7


Spotted at Bloomingdale's online Juicy Couture Summer Trunk Show: a very flashy and very pave Lucky number 7 is making its way into the silver family.

I have my fingers crossed that the seven is a precursor to Juicy reintroducing some of the good Vegas charms. If there can't be any re-releases then at least give me some new ones. Vegas is my absolute favorite city and I would love to see an updated version of the slot machine charm (perhaps with a little more color?). I'm not really all that thrilled with this one, though. It's kind of bland. Maybe it will have some sparkle in real life but this photo isn't doing it any favors.

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from Bloomingdales.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Eyein'.
Plus One?: Nope.
Misc.: You can earn 2% cash back through LuckyRewards on all Bloomingdale's purchases.


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