On The Horizon: Buddha


Spotted at Juicy's Website: a serene pinky buddha, making its debut with the silvers.

Hmmmm. Juicy is so sporadic with their religious charms. There was the Dreidel last year, with no complimentary charms to go alongside it. And now we've got the Buddha. However, I think this Buddha is keeping in with the Indian/Arabian theme that Juicy attempted to put together this spring. I say attempted because 1.) that genie head freaked me out big time, and 2.) I'm not fond of the shackles on the elephant, even if it is a cultural thing.

So where does pinky Buddha stand? I don't know. This is one that I want to look at in person before I make a decision. Earlier versions/fakes that smothered eBay appeared in gold - I think that definitely would have been a better choice for the Buddha, given that gold is much more common than silver in the cultures that I assume Juicy is trying to pay homage to. What I do like about this charm is its simplicity; its only adornment is a crystal above the eyes.

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from JuicyCouture.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Probably buying.
Plus One?: Nope.
Misc.: This is available for pre-order but the expected ship date is listed as unavailable. I'm listing this as a summer '09 for now - if it changes later I'll come back and correct this post.


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