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Ahh, yes. One of the first non-cherry, non-strawberry charms that Juicy threw out there. When you look at this charm and then look at some of the newer fruit charms (like the orange slice) you can see how much simpler the charms were just a few years ago.

I like watermelon, and I like this charm but I do have a few lingering questions about this one. First, why not a wedge? I imagine we're all more likely to eat watermelon wedges or chunks, rather than 1/4 of an entire watermelon. Second, why only white seeds? I think one of the most iconic things about this fruit is the dark black seeds against the translucent pinky-red insides. This older one seems to be a staple on wishlists for those who are new to Juicy's charms, so you can usually expect to pay well above original retail for it. It is often advertised as rare & hard to find - I doubt it's truly as rare as some sellers want us to believe, but it IS a hard to find item. Only one has made its way onto eBay in the last month, and sold for $85.

Price: $35.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0377


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