Pink Alert: eLuxury


As you may or may not know, eLuxury will be closing down the retail division of their website this summer. I've never really ordered a lot of charms from them since they rarely ever have great sales and shipping is a swift kick to the gut. However, the few charms that they do have left are at a really great discount, and shipping is free if you hit $100. As of today (04/21/09) here's what's left:

Viva La Juicy Frame, $29
Candy Corn, $29
LE Devil Yorkie, $29
Malibu Gold Tanning Oil, $25
Snow Boot, $29
Luxe Starter Necklace, $59
Starter Charm Bracelet, $25

They also have the LE Holiday Bracelet from '08 that includes the Christmas Tree, Stocking, and Snowflake charms (plus a really adorable heart that reads I ♥ Chocolate Santas - why was this never released individually?!) for $92. The major drawback to this bracelet, aside from the price, is that the charms are not removable.

Other Juicy accessories and jewelry pieces are available, but I've only listed the charm related stuff here. And as an added bonus, Lucky Rewards will get you 2% cash back on your purchase with eLuxury.

Update: I received an e-mail today from Louis Vuitton, stating that as of May 15th all of their products will be exclusive to their own website. Perhaps this is the official closing date for eLux? If so, the time to jump on merchandise is now.. less than a month left!


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