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I know it has been months since I've updated. Sorry :( But the good news is that I'm updating with a brand new charm, right?

I love, love, love this one! It's so cute and perfect in every way.. it's too top heavy to stand on its own, but the arms and legs do swing. The detail along the joint of the arm is especially cute -- a little crystal on each side, which really compliments the crystal eyes nicely. Juicy really executed the idea of a girlie robot perfectly.

Now I have to divert for a second and rant about the boxes. I was surprised when I opened my package and saw what the new ones looked like. It seems like they removed all metal pieces & supports within the box, which now results in the box opening like this:

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Which I find disappointing, especially because it means I can no longer hang charms by their clasp to take a photo with them in the box. I also think the style is a little more flimsy -- I never really worried about dropping charms while they were in the box before, because the foam provided enough cushion that nothing ever broke, and the clasp ensured that the box didn't pop open on contact. And of course I miss the terry lining.. it is what Juicy is known for, and this new plain pink fabric feels cheap to me. Additionally, it seems like silver charms no longer have a different box than the gold ones (I don't know about the rest of you, but this is going to make organizing my collection even harder than it already is).

I'd be willing to bet that this was a cost cutting measure, but notice how the price of charms didn't drop at all? :/ As much as I love Juicy charms, everyone has their point of no return. I'm not saying that I've reached that point yet, but this box thing coupled with increasing prices and reduced quality has me double and triple thinking every charm I want.

Price: 52.00
Box: Brown/Pink (New Style; No Clasp)
Code: YJRU4249
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