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If only my little pink plastic pail that I filled with sand had golden seashells in it. It would have been one thrilled little kid at the beach!

Of course, I think that the bucket and shovel are one of the staple toys that most of us have had at some point. I'm mostly pleased with Juicy's take on this childhood classic. The blue and yellow colors contrast very nicely and the gold gives everything a little extra shine without being overbearing. The tiny shovel dangling from the side is, perhaps, the best detail of all.

What I'm not so fond of is what is inside of the bucket. The sand is kind of bland, and the shells might be a little more appealing if they were colored or at least varied slightly from one to the other. Not to mention that just one lone crystal sits in the middle of the starfish. What gives? They should have taken notes from the treasure chest charm or opening jewelry box charm that are filled with sparkly things and strands of pearls. A couple more shiny goodies would have looked quite nice atop the sand.

This charm is from last year's summer season, so you're unlikely to find it hanging around at the outlets or still available on websites. I wouldn't pay too much above retail; like many of last summer's releases, this one didn't fly off the shelves right away.

Price: 48.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU1767

Archive: Stone Crab


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Ahh, a hallmark of being at the beach. One of my favorite things to do in Galveston used to be running up and down the shoreline, watching all of the crabs scurry back into their holes as I came zipping by. Of course there were the occasional few that wouldn't stand for my shenanigans and stood their ground. For that reason I am ever terrified of crab pinches, but think they're pretty neat nonetheless.

I'm back and forth on this charm. Crabs come in all different colors, so I can't really complain about this one being blue and not a peachy or brick red shade. Plus I'm a big fan of turquoise and blues, so I'm rather fond of the stone in the middle. What leaves me feeling lukewarm is the silver accent surrounding the stones and on the claws. I've never been one for mixing gold and silver, so this charm ends up feeling unfinished to me.

What I do love is the way the claws and legs were carried out. They kept it simple but still made them fairly realistic (save for being encrusted with stones!). The pave crystals are a sweet detail, but just don't shine as much on this piece. It could be that the matte tone of the turquoise conflicts with their sparkly nature, or that they're set too far down for them to really stand out.

If you're a crab or a sea creature fan you'll probably have to resort to getting this second hand, as it was part of last year's summer releases. I wouldn't pay much above retail for it, though. It hung around in stores for quite awhile so don't fall for the old "rare!" ploy.

Price: 52.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2542

Oh Really?


Looking for an alternative?

Charm Candy launched its own private forum in April and it has become quite the serene and friendly environment. Anyone is now welcome to apply, but those who do not meet the minimum requirements will automatically rejected. If you do meet the requirements your application will be voted on by current members -- more than half will have to approve in order for you to be accepted. Charm Candy was, up until this point, exclusively invitation-only. However I firmly believe that there needs to be an environment where we can openly discuss our concerns about sellers, buyers, and charm things in general without hesitation. The Charm Candy environment is exceptionally friendly and I love that it has become a group of friends more so than just a board.

You can find requirements in this post:

If you would like to apply, please visit and submit the application that has now been added to the above post.

If you're just looking for more charm filled goodness, stay tuned - I have more beach pictures of the seashell bucket and stone crab to post, as well as some newly acquired items (mainly the British charms and that chain purse I was crazy about). :)
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