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Tips For Navigating eBay


Unfortunately for you and me both, today was overcast at best so I didn't have an opportunity to take any pictures. I don't want to leave you hanging, especially since it's a long weekend here in the US! So I'll leave you with a quick list of tips for searching for and purchasing charms on eBay. Most of us have resorted to the evil auction empire at least once or twice in pursuit of an impossible find, so I wouldn't be shocked at all if most of you guys already know these things. In case you don't, though, I hope these help you to weed out the real deals from the duds.

1. Search keywords are essential. If you simply type in Juicy Couture charm you'll get back 1,500+ hits. I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of time! To trim down your results, try this string: "Juicy Couture" charm -fit -fits -like -italian. You'll still have quite a few results, but we're cutting them down slowly. You can also add -silver to the string if you have no desire to search for silver charms; this might reduce it by 100+. Unfortunately, adding -gold to your search won't do much of anything, as sellers rarely put GOLD in the title since that's what a majority of Juicy's charms have been.

2. The category on the left hand side is super handy. Selecting the "jewelry & watches" category will toss out 300+ items. Select "designer brands" and you've eliminated 200+ more.

3. Get picky. Don't want a necklace, bracelet, or earrings? Just add the minus symbol (-) before each of those words and add them to your search query. I don't usually do this because you run the risk of missing charms that have weird titles (such as "BRAND NEW JUICY COUTURE ____ CHARM FITS BRACELET/NECKLACE" and what have you), or missing charm lots that people are selling in addition to a bracelet or a necklace. However, the more you narrow your search results the faster you may find what you're looking for.

4. Be specific. If you know the charm you're after put the name of it in the search box. Some older charms that came without names on the label can be tricky - the fawn is sometimes listed as a deer, snowglobe and waterglobe are interchangeable, and then you have the problem of when two or more versions of one charm exist (the cupcake, the nesting doll, shoe charms, t-shirt charms, bag charms, etc).

Once you have found an auction that you're interested in, you should do a few things before placing a bid.

1. Location is everything. I'm not saying that there are no honest sellers in Asia, but this is the number one red flag for any Juicy Couture charm auction. A high volume of fake items also come out of the UK. Having said that, this does not mean that all U.S. sellers are on the up and up; you should always use other sources of information to determine if a charm is legit or not. But I personally feel it's best to avoid overseas transactions all together, especially since returning an item to get a PayPal refund could be an expensive nightmare.

2. Feedback is there for a reason! It deserves more than a quick glance - you can look up completed auctions this way, as well. If a seller has ridiculous quantities of feedback and you're only interested in the negative ones, bookmark and use Toolhaus.org, which will display only the negative and neutral feedbacks that a seller receives.

3. "BRAND NEW!" doesn't always mean brand new. Several of the well-known Juicy resellers on eBay bid on Juicy auctions themselves and then relist the item for a greater price than they paid. This can mean all sorts of trouble for you; the item could be fake, damaged, or not in the pristine condition that you were expecting. Use eBay's Advanced Search feature (and search for items by bidder) to see what your potential seller has been bidding on.

4. "RARE!" rarely means rare. There are absolutely HTF charms out there, but almost every listing you'll come across has RARE in the title, whether it is or not. I think there's a misconception that this will draw in more watchers or bidders and while that could be true I am fairly certain that most of us are wise enough not to fall for the RARE! ploy. Charms become rare when they're past season (think all of the black/blue boxed ones and charms that are 1+ years old), or when they inexplicably disappear in a heartbeat from stores (like the whale). And this is super important: sellers out of HK love to list the not-yet-released charms as RARE! and you might think they are, because there's only one or two on eBay or because you've never seen it before. Don't fall for this. More often than not the real thing is just a few months away from hitting reputable store shelves.

5. If one is good then two must be better? Wrong! One seller with multiples of any charm is a red flag. I'm not saying you should automatically rule them out, but I am telling you to check their completed listings and feedback extra carefully. They definitely could have picked up a handful on sale or from the outlet but if you're seeing someone with 3 or more of the same charm consistently selling then I'd be inclined to ask for more pictures - perhaps of the actual charm you'd be receiving. Don't be afraid to ask where the charms came from, either. It seems rude but it isn't - you have every right to know as much as possible about your purchase.

So you've bid and you've won - congraulations! Let's wrap this up with a few more suggestions.

1. Your credit card is your only real recourse. PayPal does provide protection for most purchases, up to a certain dollar amount. Should you receive a fake and successfully win a SNAD claim, PayPal will reimburse you -- but ONLY if the seller still has funds in their account. If they don't? Well, you're plum out of luck. So always pay with a credit card and don't fear filing a chargeback in the instance that PayPal can't refund your $.

2. Reject off eBay requests. If your seller contacts you and offers to give you a discount in exchange for an off-eBay transaction (or if they offer you a second chance to buy an item you didn't win outside of eBay), deny deny deny. There are plenty of honest people out there who just want to save a little on ridiculous fees, but it's hard to know who they are. If you do complete a transaction outside of eBay and something goes wrong, PayPal will only cover you if the item was never delivered. Everything else is to be handled at the seller's mercy.

3. Don't pay in installments. Plain and simple -- you, the buyer, will not be covered with PayPal's protection guarantee if you split up the amount you owe into more than one payment.

4. Thoroughly check your item before leaving feedback! Bait-and-switch scams are still alive and kicking, so make sure you really look over your charm before you leave any sort of feedback. I think our thread at tPF is pretty good at helping people to authenticate when they need it, so don't be afraid to ask.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, and I hope all of my American girls enjoy Memorial Day!

Archive: Aloha Juicy

image nameimage nameimage name
When this charm first came out and was being called a snow globe I was excited to see it and felt disappointed when the shape was more dome than circular, but I got over it. Now I am immediately taken back to cheap souvenir stores and stands I encountered as a child whenever I look at this.

I think the best part has got to be the tiny pearls that represent the iconic "snow" inside of the globe. Having said that, it may be the only thing that I really love about this charm. Why? My biggest irritation is the plastic dome itself. Despite virtually no use (I've taken it out a handful of times to photograph it but have never worn it around) the casing is easily scratched and creates a cloudy surface, which distorts the pieces inside. I also hate the way it hangs -- it just looks weird! Another downside to this charm is that the small pearls do get stuck in the back, as you can see in the middle picture. It takes a whole lot of shaking to dislodge them.

The concept is awesome and the artwork inside is really, really cute. But if Juicy had put a little more thought into their materials and execution (adding a clasp to the top doesn't seem like it would have been that hard) they could have really hit it out of the park with this one. That isn't to say that my complaints take away from this charm; it is still pretty hard to obtain, and very pricey when you can.

Price: 55.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0789

Diversion: Garden Party Ring

image nameimage name

image nameimage name
If you're new to the world of Juicy, you might not know what a feat it was to get your hands on a piece from the Garden Party line last year. My sweet friend Lulu shares my pain, as several e-mails flew back and forth between us whenever we found the pieces online. Even as they were being sold in stores, pieces on eBay were going for twice the MSRP! I passed on the bracelet, which I occasionally regret, but did grab the ring when it was available on the Neiman Marcus website.

Even though this ring is HUGE and busy, I really do love it. It reminds me of the flower scenes in Alice in Wonderland, where the area is packed with color and cheer (well, up until a certain point anyway). I especially love the one lone pearl thrown in at the bottom - you would think that it would seem out of place but it fits in smoothly with the white coloring that takes up a big portion of the ring.

My only complaint about this ring is that it's so chunky and flashy that it's definitely not an everyday ring. You really need to have a coordinating outfit or look to wear it, otherwise it appears really out of place. Unless you have the matching bracelet, you also will want to avoid other jewelry when you've got this on, or risk looking too accessorized (yes, I believe there is such a thing!).

I do have bad news for you if you're hunting for this ring: the average price on eBay hovers consistently in the $130 range. Unfortunately there's really no chance of finding this at outlets, since it sold out almost immediately when it was brand new.

Price: 88.00
Box: Pink/Brown
Code: YJRU1859

Sweet: Winner!


We have a winner (Watk6022 from tPF)! Hmm, I wonder if this means she should go get the Lucky 7 charm now? ;)

In case you're curious, all of the blog comments are counted first, followed by Facebook comments, and then CCE members' bonus entries are added at the end. Duplicate comments are not counted on the blog (which is why I removed a few, it's nothing personal!).

I'm sorry for all of you who didn't win, but I look forward to holding another contest soon. Sometime in November I will be holding another one for the 2007 LE Candy Cane charm, so keep that in mind if you don't have it already! It's definitely a must-have holiday charm.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend - posts coming later today include the Aloha Snowglobe and the Garden Party ring!


Sweet: Contest!


Between the release of summer charms, the discount and freebie, and other things that are going on, I've had a really good week. And I want to share that with you.

Charm Candy is holding its first ever contest - I'm looking for one lucky person to adopt the very sweet Panda charm! This contest is open to everyone (however the charm cannot be shipped to Italy or Greece due to delivery issues)!

Simply leave a comment here (you do not need an account to leave a comment; I changed the settings) with one of the following:
1. Your e-mail address or
2. Your tPF ID or
3. Your eBay ID

You can earn an additional chance to win by joining Charm Candy's Facebook page and leaving a comment there (you do not need to disclose any identifying information when entering via the Facebook page). Once you've joined please feel free to add photos of your collections or favorite charms, start discussions, and meet other Juicy charm collectors! Invite your friends to join, and direct them back here - the more followers & readers there are, the more often I can arrange contests!

Entries for this contest will be accepted until Friday, May 22nd 2009 at 11:59pm HST. The winner will be randomly chosen (through random.org) and notified on Saturday, May 23rd! I will ask that if you are not interested in the Panda charm or are looking to win just to re-sell that you do not enter. The spirit of Charm Candy is to share and assist one another, not take advantage. :) Good luck to everyone!

Stash: Panda

image name
image nameimage name
I am trying really hard not to pull a tween moment here and shout out OMG! But I want to.

I adore animals, and I've loved just about every animal/creature charm Juicy has produced. This one is no exception, and has quickly shot up my list of must-haves. I knew I had to have him when he first started popping up online, but I didn't know just how great he'd be.

The panda charm is dainty; his entire seated body fits inside of a quarter, minus the lobster clasp. He is on the heavier side, but I imagine that's because he's solid. He is jointed like a regular teddy bear, with silver hinges keeping him all put together. You can see in the third photo that the logo is stamped on his bottom, and his paws actually have silver heart shapes on them. Between those bright green eyes and his sweet little smile, he will be very hard to resist. Despite the fact that this is a silver charm (I, too, was wishing for gold), I have a feeling it is going to fly off the shelves. This will absolutely be a collector's piece a few years down the road, provided that Juicy doesn't re-release it or produce it in gold.

Price: $52.00 MSRP
Box: Silver/Pink
Code: YJRU2993
Season: Summer 2009
From: Juicy Couture
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Stash: Pretzel

image nameimage name
I admit it. I wasn't sold on the pretzel when it first appeared and I had no intention of buying it unless I could find it at a discount. But when I saw it in person I was much more impressed than I initially had been.

As you can see in the first photo, this charm is of substantial size! It's also pretty heavy; this is one that you could probably abuse a little bit without any real consequences. The crystals seem to be set really well so I wouldn't worry too much about them falling out.

I wish that the twist in the middle were a little more defined like the earrings, but I think overall they duplicated a giant pretzel very well. Juicy's food charms don't usually sell out immediately, but once they're gone they become pretty hard to find. You probably have enough time to wait to find it at a discount!

Price: $42.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2980
Season: Summer 2009
From: Juicy Couture
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Stash: Hot Air Balloon

image nameimage name
They're here! The summer charms have officially hit boutiques! First stop on the list? A sweet minty green and pink hot air balloon, complete with a puppy captain.

Stock photos never do a charm justice, and in this case mine don't either. It's a very ornate and dainty piece. I think the detail is exceptional and the weave pattern on the basket is something to admire. The flowers and pave banner might be a little frilly for some of you, but the whole thing reminded me of some sort of May Day celebration. The bezel-set crystals along the side are also a creative interpretation - they remind me of the sandbags that you sometimes would see on the side of a hot air balloon.

It's hard to say whether this will have a chance to make it to the outlets or not. If I had to bet I would say it will.. it truly is adorable, but for the price I think a lot of people may wait on it. Especially since there's far more buzz for the pretzel & the panda!

Price: $58.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2988
Season: Summer 2009
From: Juicy Couture
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.

Pink Alert: Free Gift at Juicy Couture Boutiques

image name
A few days ago I posted about a sweet little coupon that came in the back of a Juicy catalog, good for 20% off your entire purchase plus a freebie valued at $16. I solved the mystery this morning when this very hot pink lipstick was added to my bag after I paid.

Honestly I'm not wild about the color at all - it is a nearly neon magenta color and I can't think of any occasion on which I'd wear it. Sure, I could tone it down with a different lipstick or some lipgloss, but that seems like more effort than it's worth. I'm really digging the safety pin embellishment, though!

Archive: Ghost


image nameimage name
image nameimage name
This is a HG charm for many, and I don't blame them. Juicy has produced several Halloween themed charms, but none are as elaborate (in my opinion) as the "No Scary Fashion" ghost.

There is a great amount of crystal pave detail along the bottom of the ghost, which accentuates the Juicy Couture banner that he's holding. The larger dangling crystal on the left side is a sweet touch. A few important details should be noted about this charm, in order to help you identify authentic ones when you're searching to purchase one. First of all, the mouth and eyes are not black enamel, as they appear to be in the first photo. They're actually cut out, which is a little clearer in last photo. Second, there is a very small cluster of pave crystals (four, to be exact) on the inside of the ghost charm. I imagine that this very small detail is easily overlooked and may be missing on pieces that are not authentic. Last but not least, you can see that the pave detail around the bottom edges are not even and do not follow a pattern. The placement is sporadic, perhaps in an effort to make it appear more raggedy?

Don't be afraid to ask for extra photos before a potential purchase with this little guy. He resells for an extreme amount (think in the $200-$300 range) and the last thing you want to do is waste your money on something that isn't authentic or has missing pieces. Several sellers have been known to sell this charm sans banner and not disclose it - I find that kind of practice to be deplorable. Also be sure to check for any missing crystals, as they can be a pain to match and replace later on.

Price: 45.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0506*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Ghost charm.

Diversion: Pearl Logo Earrings

image name
Since the first time I saw my mother's pearl necklace I've been enamored with the sweet, classic look that pearls lend. So when I saw these at Nordstrom's last year I knew I had to have them.

I'm not often crazy about items that are covered in logos, so I was a little hesitant when I picked these up. Once I actually had them on, however, the print was barely noticeable. I've worn them countless times since and as you can see, they're still in mint condition. These studs are the perfect size (I couldn't tell you what mm they are, but they're no wider than a pinkie nail in any direction) and the white color makes them easy to match to any outfit or occasion. A gold version featuring the crown logo stamped on each pearl also came out around the same time, although they weren't nearly as appealing to me as these were.

Price: 42.00
Box: Pink/Brown
Code: YJRU1536

Archive: Fortune Cookie

image nameimage nameimage name
If only all fortune cookies came covered in gold! Although that might take away from the whole eating part..

Meet a fortune cookie that will never go stale and whose fortune you'll never lose. The design is just as simplistic as the real deal. One crack down the middle and out pops some solid advice: "You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone." I think most of us have felt that at one point or another, especially in the world of charms. How many of us have sold a charm only to want it back a few years later and discover that it's being sold for hundreds? How many of us passed on a charm when it was readily available in stores and find ourselves maniacally searching for it later on when it's nowhere to be found? Ahh, yes. This charm is speaking to you.

One important thing to note about this charm: the gold will pick a strange film/tarnish if left in the box with the foam (which is, unfortunately, how I kept mine) for long periods of time. I haven't used any jewelry cleaning materials to see if it will come off, but it hasn't budged thus far with just light polishing. You can spot some of the noticeable difference between the side that was on the terry versus the side that was against the foam in the third photo. This is probably something to look for when trying to find this charm. Edit: Rebecca (Lvbabydoll @ TPF) says her Fortune Cookie had the same odd film although it wasn't kept in the box. Strange! Hers came off with a Tiffany polishing cloth.. guess a trip to the mall is in order!

Price: 40.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0763*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Fortune Cookie charm. I did, however, purchase this charm directly from ADASA.com and it has never been removed from its original box.

Pink Alert: 20% off at Juicy + Free Gift!


Have you been checking your mail lately? To be honest I almost never flip through the Juicy catalogs when they come, because they mostly showcase clothes and not what I'm really after. So when a mini summer catalog popped up in my mailbox I was planning on tossing it, but decided to flip through it at the last minute.

Good thing I did! On the last page you'll find a coupon, good for 20% off plus a free gift with any full priced purchase, valued at $16. This offer is good through May 29th and doesn't specify whether the 20% is for one item or your entire purchase. However, the fine print reads: "on a single purchase of full price item." Not that this helped much, as I'm still unsure of what they mean. This offer is only valid at regular Juicy boutiques in the U.S. - outlets, JuicyCouture.com, and international boutiques are excluded from the promo. I will definitely try to use this coupon.. if only the new summer charms had come in already! If I manage to snag the free gift I'll let you know what it is (though I'm not sure I've ever seen anything Juicy priced at less than $20, save for their new nail polish, lipstick, and lip balms).

The coupon isn't valid when reproduced or duplicated, which is why I watermarked it. Better start checking those mailboxes!

Archive: Toy Yorkie


image nameimage nameimage name
I just have to clear one thing up: Juicy's mascot does not look like a Yorkie. If ever there was a Great Debate that existed within the Juicy Couture realm I guarantee you it would be over whether the mascot is a yorkie or a scottie. So, which is it? Count me in for Team Yorkie.. but only because these things come labeled that way.

This "Toy Yorkie" charm is fantastic. He's hiding a secret - do you know what it is? The third picture might elude to it, but I failed at capturing him well enough for you to see. When you push down on his tail, his mouth pops open! That's not the only reason I love him, though. I love the collar and the heart charm that is attached. The single rhinestone detail is quite nice, as it adds a finishing touch but doesn't overwhelm the neck area. The eyes are also made out of crystal which is fancy, but gives him sort of a zombie look. (Really, when is the last time you saw a dog with white eyes?) My only complaint apart from the eyes is that this is a big charm - probably about 1" x 1". In comparison to other Juicy yorkie charms, this one is huge!

I would have said not to expect to pay too much above retail if you're trying to track this one down. Much to my surprise, however, one sold for over $100 on eBay 9 days ago, and another one at $65 5 days ago. I imagine that the second seller tried to capitalize on the extreme (and unusual success) of the first seller and didn't make it quite that far. Still, the seller made well above retail and the charm had large chunks of enamel missing, so maybe this one is more popular than I realized!

Price: 45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0833

Archive: Casino Chip

image nameimage name
Outside of the elephant and egg, this has to be the oldest charm I own. It's one of the Vegas charms, and if you know your Juicy then you know how hard they are to find, or how expensive they can be. More evidence of this charm's age is the fact that the box has finally come apart, despite care and non-use for the past three or four years.

I'll be honest with you. I'm not wild about this charm and I've thought about selling it several times. Why don't I? It's the only Vegas charm I own, and I absolutely, undoubtedly, 100%, wholeheartedly adore Las Vegas. That's the only thing that keeps me coming back to this one.

It's rather plain. Most casino chips aren't elaborate, but they're usually a little more dolled up than this (sans crystals, of course!). The green color seems like an odd choice to me, unless they were trying to imitate a real casino's choice for chip denomination color. Maybe it is meant to subconsciously signify money? I'm also put off by the embossed gold lettering on one side, and the very plain white print and logo on the other.

One of my greatest wishes is that Juicy will revamp or release new Vegas themed charms, and this casino chip is no exception. It's in desperate need of an update! Plan to pay above retail for this one if you're searching - it IS one of the Vegas charms (slot machine, roulette wheel, royal flush, dice - am I missing any?), and like I said, they can be hard to come by.

Price: 40.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0217*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Casino Chip charm.

Archive: Lipstick


image nameimage nameimage name
One of the hallmarks of being a girl is, I think, cosmetics. Whether it's blush, mascara, glitter, or lip gloss that captures your heart I'm pretty sure we all have something that is a staple inside of our purse.

For me? Generally it's a lip product of some kind. I'm more of a balm girl but when I have time I am all about lipstick and lipgloss. This charm defines the meaning of girly; it's pink, it sparkles, and it's jewelry and cosmetics combined.

The best part of this charm is that the lipstick actually twists up inside of the tube! Not many of Juicy's charms have moving parts like this so that immediately sets it apart from the rest. It is also one of only three cosmetics charms that have ever been made (the other two being the nail polish bottle and the eyeshadow compact). If Juicy were ever to make a lipgloss charm I'd be tickled.. well, pink!

You'll notice in the middle photo that the lipstick does stand on its own, but not entirely straight - this is due to the design with the logo and crystals on the bottom and the weight of the clasp on one side. My only real complaint is the writing along the bottom - it reads "Couture Gloss" which doesn't completely make sense to me since it's lipstick. Maybe a better slogan could have been Couture Kiss? Either way, it's a very small issue in the grand scheme of things.

Price: 50.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0871*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Lipstick charm.

How Charming: Happy Mother's Day!


I've got my fingers crossed that all of you will be opening a little brown and pink (or gold and pink if you've been really good) box today!

If you'd like to submit a picture of your Juicy goodies that you got (or gave) today, send it to charmcandyblog@gmail.com and it will be added to this post. Remember to watermark your photos with your tPF ID or e-mail address.

Since I can't personally gift all of you with a charm, I will instead present you with a list of very handy links to have bookmarked when you're busy searching for charms.

Juicy's New Arrivals Page, sorted by newest to oldest:

Nordstrom's New Arrivals Page for Juicy Couture, sorted by newest to oldest:

ShopBellaBeach's Juicy charms page:

Shirley & Company's Juicy accessories page:

Revolve Clothing's Juicy Couture jewelry page:*

Revolve Clothing's Juicy Couture accessories page:*

Neiman Marcus' Juicy charms page:

Neiman Marcus' New Arrivals page for Juicy Couture:

Saks Fifth Avenue's Juicy charms page:

Bloomingdale's Juicy charms page:

ShopRapunzel's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

FamousStyle's Juicy Couture page:

Meringue Boutique's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

Zappos Couture's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

ShopBop's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

*Revolve is so weird with their charms. Half make it in to the appropriate jewelry category, and half wind up stuck in the accessories section. Be sure to check both when new charms are being released - you never know where you'll find them!

Archive: Yorkie In Shopping Bag

image nameimage nameimage name
This charm could possibly, once and for all, settle the debate on yorkie vs. scottie. I am right there with those of you who think the mascot looks like a scottie dog - the black coloring and silhouette look exactly like one. Still, every dog thing that I have from Juicy labels it as a yorkie. It could be one of the reasons I love Juicy so much; I have my own Yorkie! Although he'd never sit in a shopping bag, I know that for sure.

Nonetheless, this charm is really cute. It's a pretty good replication of the actual shopping bags that Juicy gives out, and even includes the brown bow at the top. The handles are made from chains, which I love. The "Juicy" half of "Choose Juicy" is all decked out in crystals which gives the whole thing a little extra glamor. The OCD half of myself loves the fact that it hangs centered when worn, since the lobster clasp slides freely along the bag handles. No complaints about this charm - I think it's done quite perfectly!

Bloomingdale's produced their own version of this charm fairly recently, so if you like this one but are having a hard time finding it that one might be a suitable alternative. The only differences would be that the Bloomingdale's bag is brown and says "Little Brown Bag" and, unfortunately, does not include any pave lettering. Still, the concept is the same and it's iconic for anyone who loves Bloomingdale's (one of my favorite pairs of pajamas is Bloomie's brand).

Price: 55.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0843

Archive: Tennis Racquet


image nameimage name
This charm has been available for years, so I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon. For that reason alone I think it is overlooked quite often. It is kind of plain at first glance, and the color scheme leaves something to be desired. However, the second photo will tell you why I have and love this one.

It's extremely hard to notice the string detail unless you have bionic eyes or zoom in on the racquet with your camera. But look at it! It looks like genuine golden rope, woven together to create a very realistic little charm. A small enamel tennis ball is attached at one side, and while it's cute, I think it's unnecessary. Especially given that Juicy came out with two fuzzy tennis ball charms later on which are far more fun. The pave grip and the crystal at the base of the handle are a nice touch.

I do play tennis (albeit poorly) when I have the chance so this was something I really wanted when I first saw it. Unfortunately the active nature of sports means I will never actually wear this while I'm playing! Ahh, irony.

Price: 45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0855

Archive: Picnic Basket


image nameimage name

image nameimage name
Get ready for it, because you know it's coming.

Hey, boo boo! Since I'm not a weekend picnic-er I couldn't resist since that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see this little basket. If Yogi Bear had a wife, I'm fairly certain this picnic basket is one she'd be interested in snatching.

Even though this charm isn't in my top 10, I have very few complaints about it. I'm not too crazy about the dark brown color of the basket, or the way that the lobster clasp is free to slide around on the handle. This alone will cause the basket to never hang centered, which drives me a little crazy. However, the inside more than makes up for any complaints I might have!

Just look at it. A sweet, pale green color coats the bottom and makes a nice presentation for the slice of pie and folded napkin inside. There's even a golden knife and fork wrapped up in the napkin, which adds amazing detail to something that could have been very plain. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but the pie and the napkin are both 3-D and are not just painted on.

Another charming detail are the crystals; one on each hinge of the handle and at either end of the lid. I haven't seen this charm up for sale recently but I would imagine that its prices aren't exorbitant when it does. This charm is definitely on the larger size, and has a significant bit of weight to it.

Price: 50.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0817

Archive: Elephant & Crystal Egg


image nameimage name

image nameimage name
This is one of my favorite charms, for many reasons. One? Animal charm! Two? It was the first charm I ever bought in store. I walked into ADASA one sunny afternoon and saw it sitting smack in the middle of a whole case of charms. It was the only one and I couldn't pass it up. (I really wish I hadn't passed up the Las Vegas bracelet that was in the case with it. Ouch!)

Even though I don't get the concept of an elephant perched atop a crystal egg, I love the way the entire thing came out. I think the pale pearly pink flows nicely with the bright translucent purple. The ring around the middle and the tusks might have been better off if they were gold instead of silver, but it's hardly noticeable overall. My favorite detail has to be the tail. I love it when Juicy uses chains to convey hair or rope; it's a great extra touch.

Now the bad news: this little guy rarely makes it out to be sold. I think the charm isn't well known enough that everybody and their cousin is searching for it, but it IS unique and generally goes for a lot of money when it does appear. Over the last 4-5 years I would say that I've seen maybe 3 or 4 come up for sale. It would be beneficial to set up a saved search for this one if you're after it.

Price: 50.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0408*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Elephant charm. I did purchase this myself in store, and it has never been switched out of its original box.

Archive: Pave Lips

image name
I flip flop on this charm quite often. Sometimes (especially out in the sun) I love it. Other days I become just slightly creeped out by having a pair of big sparkly lips in my armoire.

Still, I think this charm captures what most of us envision when we're picking out lipsticks and lipglosses; the perfect color and the perfect sparkle for our perfect lips. This charm doesn't hold any significance for me, to be honest. I bought it when it first came out because Juicy didn't release tons of new charms at the time, so anything new was exciting.

When worn it hangs sideways, so the lips resemblance may be lost on some. This charm is faked, so be sure to ask for plenty of extra photos when searching for it. Be sure to note the distinct cupid's bow and almost-touching crystals in the middle of the opening when looking!

Price: 60.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0873

Archive: Lovebirds


image nameimage name

image nameimage name
This is a another older charm, possibly the first lovebird charm Juicy ever released. While I love birds (and especially lovebirds, since I have a little penguin-colored one named Peep) I think this charm is one of those that looks a little cuter from further away.

If you know your birds you can tell that the pair inside the cage aren't actually lovebirds; they look more like scrawny, underfed parrots of some sort. Possibly even mutant roosters, if you're going to let your imagination wander. But the concept is still cute: two little birds whose nearly-touching heads make an almost heart shape, swinging inside of their golden cage. The birds are a very bright orange color which look slightly unusual against all of the gold.

The bottom is covered in large crystals, which makes no sense to me, but adds a little extra kick. It also opens so you can see inside of the cage, albeit from a weird angle.

I don't think I'll ever get rid of this charm thanks to my love for birds. I also don't think it's sought very often; if you've added it to your list you may have to wait awhile for one to show up on eBay but you could probably get it for a decent price.

Price: 50.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0331*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Lovebirds charm.
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