How Charming: Happy Mother's Day!


I've got my fingers crossed that all of you will be opening a little brown and pink (or gold and pink if you've been really good) box today!

If you'd like to submit a picture of your Juicy goodies that you got (or gave) today, send it to and it will be added to this post. Remember to watermark your photos with your tPF ID or e-mail address.

Since I can't personally gift all of you with a charm, I will instead present you with a list of very handy links to have bookmarked when you're busy searching for charms.

Juicy's New Arrivals Page, sorted by newest to oldest:

Nordstrom's New Arrivals Page for Juicy Couture, sorted by newest to oldest:

ShopBellaBeach's Juicy charms page:

Shirley & Company's Juicy accessories page:

Revolve Clothing's Juicy Couture jewelry page:*

Revolve Clothing's Juicy Couture accessories page:*

Neiman Marcus' Juicy charms page:

Neiman Marcus' New Arrivals page for Juicy Couture:

Saks Fifth Avenue's Juicy charms page:

Bloomingdale's Juicy charms page:

ShopRapunzel's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

FamousStyle's Juicy Couture page:

Meringue Boutique's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

Zappos Couture's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

ShopBop's Juicy Couture jewelry page:

*Revolve is so weird with their charms. Half make it in to the appropriate jewelry category, and half wind up stuck in the accessories section. Be sure to check both when new charms are being released - you never know where you'll find them!


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oooh this is perfect!! I get in moods where I want to look at all of the sites that sell charms but I always forget some.

thanks for compiling this awesome list sweetie!

Are you selling the ghost charm and the large Scottie dog? Can you email me?

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