Diversion: Pretzel Earrings


I know that many of you are excited about the pretzel charm. I'm on the fence about it, but I'm sure it'll come home with me eventually. However, as soon as I saw these I knew I should post them.

I may even like these earrings more than the charm - they're quite dainty (as Juicy's stud earrings usually are) and will, most likely, look like a loose knot unless you're standing close.

The price is a little steep, coming in at $42. That may put a pinch in the wallets of those of you who are nuts about pretzels, since the charm is the same price. But look at them! Super tiny golden pretzels! Yeah, alright, I've convinced myself. I guess I'll be adding these to the list, too.


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OH my goodness, I LOVE these!!! I will probably end up with the charm too, but I am definitely picking these up first!!

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