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This charm has been available for years, so I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon. For that reason alone I think it is overlooked quite often. It is kind of plain at first glance, and the color scheme leaves something to be desired. However, the second photo will tell you why I have and love this one.

It's extremely hard to notice the string detail unless you have bionic eyes or zoom in on the racquet with your camera. But look at it! It looks like genuine golden rope, woven together to create a very realistic little charm. A small enamel tennis ball is attached at one side, and while it's cute, I think it's unnecessary. Especially given that Juicy came out with two fuzzy tennis ball charms later on which are far more fun. The pave grip and the crystal at the base of the handle are a nice touch.

I do play tennis (albeit poorly) when I have the chance so this was something I really wanted when I first saw it. Unfortunately the active nature of sports means I will never actually wear this while I'm playing! Ahh, irony.

Price: 45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0855


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