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If only all fortune cookies came covered in gold! Although that might take away from the whole eating part..

Meet a fortune cookie that will never go stale and whose fortune you'll never lose. The design is just as simplistic as the real deal. One crack down the middle and out pops some solid advice: "You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone." I think most of us have felt that at one point or another, especially in the world of charms. How many of us have sold a charm only to want it back a few years later and discover that it's being sold for hundreds? How many of us passed on a charm when it was readily available in stores and find ourselves maniacally searching for it later on when it's nowhere to be found? Ahh, yes. This charm is speaking to you.

One important thing to note about this charm: the gold will pick a strange film/tarnish if left in the box with the foam (which is, unfortunately, how I kept mine) for long periods of time. I haven't used any jewelry cleaning materials to see if it will come off, but it hasn't budged thus far with just light polishing. You can spot some of the noticeable difference between the side that was on the terry versus the side that was against the foam in the third photo. This is probably something to look for when trying to find this charm. Edit: Rebecca (Lvbabydoll @ TPF) says her Fortune Cookie had the same odd film although it wasn't kept in the box. Strange! Hers came off with a Tiffany polishing cloth.. guess a trip to the mall is in order!

Price: 40.00*
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0763*

*This charm was produced prior to Juicy adding descriptive names and prices to the bottom of their charm boxes. This is the code given on the box that the charm was in, but does not necessarily mean that this is the correct price and YJRU code for the Fortune Cookie charm. I did, however, purchase this charm directly from and it has never been removed from its original box.


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Rebecca from TPF :) said...
May 16, 2009 at 7:37 PM

Hey there, it's Rebecca from TPF! I have the fortune cookie too and it also got that weird filmy stuff on it; that's one I don't keep in the box, either so it wasn't against the foam. But I used my Tiffany's polishing cloth and it came right off, you might want to try it!

Ahh, I guess now I need to go and get a T&C polishing cloth! Dangerous.. I may end up with more than just the cloth, lol. Hmm, I wonder what is causing that film though?

Rebecca from TPF said...
June 6, 2009 at 4:27 PM

I really don't know! It's so odd, it's the only charm I've had that did that.
Maybe it has to do with the how glass gets that weird, slippery feeling and smells like vinegar after being stored for awhile?

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