Diversion: Pearl Logo Earrings


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Since the first time I saw my mother's pearl necklace I've been enamored with the sweet, classic look that pearls lend. So when I saw these at Nordstrom's last year I knew I had to have them.

I'm not often crazy about items that are covered in logos, so I was a little hesitant when I picked these up. Once I actually had them on, however, the print was barely noticeable. I've worn them countless times since and as you can see, they're still in mint condition. These studs are the perfect size (I couldn't tell you what mm they are, but they're no wider than a pinkie nail in any direction) and the white color makes them easy to match to any outfit or occasion. A gold version featuring the crown logo stamped on each pearl also came out around the same time, although they weren't nearly as appealing to me as these were.

Price: 42.00
Box: Pink/Brown
Code: YJRU1536


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Ooh, so you post more than just charms in here!! Should do one on the Bloom and Garden Party pieces ;)

You read my mind! I'm adding the rest of my Juicy jewelry as I go. I never got the GP bracelet, though.. only the ring!

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