Pink Alert: 20% off at Juicy + Free Gift!


Have you been checking your mail lately? To be honest I almost never flip through the Juicy catalogs when they come, because they mostly showcase clothes and not what I'm really after. So when a mini summer catalog popped up in my mailbox I was planning on tossing it, but decided to flip through it at the last minute.

Good thing I did! On the last page you'll find a coupon, good for 20% off plus a free gift with any full priced purchase, valued at $16. This offer is good through May 29th and doesn't specify whether the 20% is for one item or your entire purchase. However, the fine print reads: "on a single purchase of full price item." Not that this helped much, as I'm still unsure of what they mean. This offer is only valid at regular Juicy boutiques in the U.S. - outlets,, and international boutiques are excluded from the promo. I will definitely try to use this coupon.. if only the new summer charms had come in already! If I manage to snag the free gift I'll let you know what it is (though I'm not sure I've ever seen anything Juicy priced at less than $20, save for their new nail polish, lipstick, and lip balms).

The coupon isn't valid when reproduced or duplicated, which is why I watermarked it. Better start checking those mailboxes!


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