On The Horizon: Panda


Spotted at Juicy's website: An adorable, hug-able, oh-so-lovable Panda bear, making his way to the silver family.

Be still, my heart! I've been in head-over-heels LOVE with this little guy since he began popping up on eBay. I had my fingers crossed and was so delighted to see him pop up on Juicy's site today. I'm disappointed that it is, indeed, a silver charm but that won't stop me. In fact that's only going to force me to finally buy the silver charm catcher necklace so that I can wear him ASAP. If you couldn't tell by now, the animal charms are always my favorite and this is no exception. He's perfect!

I'm sorry for the tiny photo; there was no way to copy the larger one. Be sure to click on over to Juicy's website to check him out, though.

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from JuicyCouture.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Buying!! BUYING!!!
Plus One?: Yes! Maybe even plus two!
Misc.: Summer 2009 - ship date is listed as 6/10.


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