A Juicy Exclusive


It isn't too often that Juicy produces pieces that are exclusive to their boutiques or website. It's even less often that they send out e-mails about it!

This is the only charm-related piece from their new exclusives.. other items include tracksuits and handbags, so you may want to check out all of their exclusives here.

I've never been wild about the engagement ring charms, despite my deep and undying love for diamonds. I won't be getting this bracelet but it's a really cute concept for those of you who are into the ring charms. The stone colors don't vary at all; they're all clear with the exception of one ring that has pearls. The cuts don't change much, either.. everything is pretty round. The band styles are somewhat similar, as well. The only really unique piece I see on the bracelet is the "flat" engagement ring on the right.

At $118 I would have expected a lot more detail and variety! The bracelet is available now at JuicyCouture.com.

I'm Dreaming of a Juicy Christmas


The holiday blitz starts earlier and earlier every year and 2009 is no exception. This year we started seeing promo pictures and items creeping up as early as mid September! That's how I know that my Juicy Christmas list is going to be very, very long. Which is good and bad -- good because I love seeing what new stuff they're coming up with and bad because I never actually ask anyone to buy this stuff for me! My Juicy obsession is all independent. ;)

First on my list? This sparrow statue (available at Bloomingdale's). I love birds. I love pink. Mix them up and I'm sure to want it. I don't really care for the earrings so much; they're supposed to have small skulls on them but I will probably take them off and use this to either hang charms (weird?) or one of my other pairs of Juicy hoops. The sparrow also comes in a green color with silver hoops, and there's a bust statue that comes in pink and green, each one with a necklace. I couldn't make a decision on the bust based on photos; it's something I'd need to see in person. The face looked a little funny to me.

The next things I must have are the miniature charm sets (available at Nordstrom's)! I'm all over the travel and film ones and can't wait to see just how tiny the charms are. I don't care so much for the bracelet itself; I really just want to use the tiny charms in groups on a gold chain I have. I'm very very excited for these and hope that Juicy puts out a few more sets like this in different themes (maybe animals, sweet treats, under the sea?). The price for each set is a little steep at $78 but it's not bad if you break it down between the 5 small charms and bracelet.

Apart from those items, there are several charms on my list.. obviously! The present, the mitten, the ballerina, the gold cupcake, and the tiered cake. The bust statue was on there until I saw photos of it -- now I'm not so sure. But I pre-ordered it sight unseen on a whim so it's on it's way to me now. Fingers crossed that I love it waaaay more in person.

All of these items are currently in transit to my house, and I'm really excited to take pictures and coo about them when they get here. What's on your Juicy Christmas list this year? Leave a comment here and it will count as one entry toward the upcoming giveaway for the original Candy Cane charm (gold), which I will be posting more about later this week!

Stash: London Phone Booth

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With the first round of exams over I feel like I finally have some time to catch up on taking pictures and writing posts. So this Phone Booth charm probably isn't new to anyone by now, but it's still one of my latest additions.

If you've been to London you know what the deal is. I loved using the iconic red phone booths a few times while I was there; touristy it may have been but it was cool since phone booths are pretty much a thing of the past. I'm so thrilled that I can have a little tiny piece of London with me at all times now. The door doesn't swing open, which is disappointing, but the overall design is pretty realistic. There's not a lot of extra sparkle on this one; the only crystal is a super tiny one on the handle of the door. The Juicy emblem sits above the word "Telephone" on the front and the back. I think the bottom has the cutest logo, though. I can never get enough of that tiny crown.

You may recall having seen this charm previously on the Jet Set bracelet. Back then it was made out of a rather cheap plastic and did not have an individual clasp. Be really careful when buying this charm on eBay or any other secondary website -- the differences between the two versions should be pretty visible (especially since this one is made out of a good, solid metal), but it never hurts to triple check these things when buying a charm. The bottom of the tag reads C-LDN PHONE BOOTH CHARM -- the LDN stands for London.

Price: 48.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU3129

Stash: Silver Cupcake (2009 Style)


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For sometime now there have been wistful sighs from charm collectors, wishing for a more realistic cupcake. Not that the older style isn't appreciated; it's just a little.. well, flat. So meet the new, improved, more dimensional cupcake!

I like it. I'm really into the whipped appearance of the frosting, and I love that they chose violet and yellow (contrasting colors) for the color scheme. I'm tickled with the yellow crystal "sprinkles" and the fact that this is a chocolate cupcake -- you can't tell from my photos, but there is just the tiniest hint of brown that lies beneath the edges of the icing. The inside top area is pink (a bit odd) and the rest is silver. The only thing that I'm not completely wild about is the size. This cupcake charm is HUGE! Smaller than a quarter, but maybe twice as big as the older cupcake charms.

Not everyone is into the silver charms, so have no fear: a gold version is set to be released this holiday season and can already be found on a couple of websites (S&Co) and in some stores. These are definitely some of the cutest food charms that Juicy has put out in awhile.

Price: 48.00
Box: Pink/Silver
Code: YJRU3177

Pink Alert: $25 off $100 or more


Have you checked your e-mail yet today? If not, you might be pleasantly surprised to find an "invitation" to save $25 off of a $100 purchase at Juicy stores this week. The promotion is only good toward Juicy's "new collection" -- I really have no idea what exactly that means. The fine print is vague at best so I called my local Juicy to inquire. The SA said she thinks it's good on any $100+ purchase of regular priced merchandise. Yay! I'll be trying it out later today.. the boutique already has in the gingerbread house, candy cane, hot cocoa, and snowflake. And even though I already have the first three and don't really collect the snowflakes I'm possibly OCD enough to want the silver versions of the gingerbread house and candy cane anyway.

It's good to see Juicy upping the discounts they're offering.. they're finally putting themselves in a position to compete with online retailers still offering discount codes. I prefer shopping at the boutiques when the prices are right (or I can't wait) because the tax here almost always comes out lower than shipping prices. If you didn't get the e-mail just click on the picture to the left and it will open a larger version that you can print out and take with you.

Also -- I noticed today when I checked up on the blog that some of the Google Ads that came with the Google Ad feature are atrocious. Don't buy from any suspicious websites that pop up on there.. the only reason I enabled ads is to help offset the cost of any giveaways/promotions I decide to do and so far the blog has earned a whopping $2. ;) It's not a big deal - just download AdBlocker Plus for Firefox, keep it updated, and you will most likely never see them.
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