A Juicy Exclusive


It isn't too often that Juicy produces pieces that are exclusive to their boutiques or website. It's even less often that they send out e-mails about it!

This is the only charm-related piece from their new exclusives.. other items include tracksuits and handbags, so you may want to check out all of their exclusives here.

I've never been wild about the engagement ring charms, despite my deep and undying love for diamonds. I won't be getting this bracelet but it's a really cute concept for those of you who are into the ring charms. The stone colors don't vary at all; they're all clear with the exception of one ring that has pearls. The cuts don't change much, either.. everything is pretty round. The band styles are somewhat similar, as well. The only really unique piece I see on the bracelet is the "flat" engagement ring on the right.

At $118 I would have expected a lot more detail and variety! The bracelet is available now at JuicyCouture.com.


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