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I flip flop on this charm quite often. Sometimes (especially out in the sun) I love it. Other days I become just slightly creeped out by having a pair of big sparkly lips in my armoire.

Still, I think this charm captures what most of us envision when we're picking out lipsticks and lipglosses; the perfect color and the perfect sparkle for our perfect lips. This charm doesn't hold any significance for me, to be honest. I bought it when it first came out because Juicy didn't release tons of new charms at the time, so anything new was exciting.

When worn it hangs sideways, so the lips resemblance may be lost on some. This charm is faked, so be sure to ask for plenty of extra photos when searching for it. Be sure to note the distinct cupid's bow and almost-touching crystals in the middle of the opening when looking!

Price: 60.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0873


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