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Between the release of summer charms, the discount and freebie, and other things that are going on, I've had a really good week. And I want to share that with you.

Charm Candy is holding its first ever contest - I'm looking for one lucky person to adopt the very sweet Panda charm! This contest is open to everyone (however the charm cannot be shipped to Italy or Greece due to delivery issues)!

Simply leave a comment here (you do not need an account to leave a comment; I changed the settings) with one of the following:
1. Your e-mail address or
2. Your tPF ID or
3. Your eBay ID

You can earn an additional chance to win by joining Charm Candy's Facebook page and leaving a comment there (you do not need to disclose any identifying information when entering via the Facebook page). Once you've joined please feel free to add photos of your collections or favorite charms, start discussions, and meet other Juicy charm collectors! Invite your friends to join, and direct them back here - the more followers & readers there are, the more often I can arrange contests!

Entries for this contest will be accepted until Friday, May 22nd 2009 at 11:59pm HST. The winner will be randomly chosen (through random.org) and notified on Saturday, May 23rd! I will ask that if you are not interested in the Panda charm or are looking to win just to re-sell that you do not enter. The spirit of Charm Candy is to share and assist one another, not take advantage. :) Good luck to everyone!


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I love your blog (which I have already said countless times) and it's really sweet of you to organise a contest. =)
tPF: Minou

Wow...this is truly an AMAZING contest!! I must enter as the panda is totally adorable!!! :D

tPF: Starlett309

Great contest! Where is the link to your Facebook?

I love your blog, it's the greatest guide for old and new charms!
tPF: Danae

oh how cool!! I do love your blog Cedes :) going to figure out the facebook thing too!

tpf: anotheremptysky

I dont know how to use facebook, booooooo!!!!



TPF: watk6022

QueenCupcake said...
May 20, 2009 at 5:09 AM

Aw that's so sweet of you Cedes! I love checking your blog for new updates daily!

Patti - It's not that hard really. Let me know if you need any help

TPF - QueenCupcake

OMG! This Panda is sooo cute! I thought about buying one...but I'm entering this contest before purchasing it! I never win contest, but I could be feeling lucky with this one ;)

This is sooo kind of you to offer something like this! Good Luck to everyone!

tPF- devoted7

Luvmysheps22 said...
May 20, 2009 at 6:40 AM

Thanks for this opportunity, it was really kind of you! I love the animal charms the most, and I know you do too and this little guy is adorable. Love this blog!!!


You're such a sweetie, Cedes! This pic you made up is so adorable!

TPF- LVBabydoll

This is a really cute idea, Cedes! I absolutely LOVE your blog... the pictures of the panda are so adorable.

tPF: charmqueenie

aww cedes, what a great idea! i love how you're bringing the tpf jc charm community together. <3

Luvmysheps, I almost exclusively have animal charms too! They are just the cutest.

Love the charm and your Blog! =]

I love the blog!
tPF: Flansy

DD and me are enjoying your blog!and i especially love your photographs...i think i've said this to you before but your pics are fantastic!
and i've just discovered that you can make comments in your blog! i am a genius! :)
lovely idea about the contest...

The panda is really cute! I love your blog!

tpf: karester

I love your blog. Thank you for organizing a contest too!

tpf: maggiesze1

Cedes, I love your blog!! That is so kind of you to give away a panda charm! Now that I know I can comment I will have to leave more comments!

tpf: Sweetwon

What a fun contest, thank you! This blog is pure pleasure.

tpf: pixiepoo

oh cedes, you are such a sweetheart!

tpf: dusty paws

How fun! I love contests!Your blog is a great reference we can use.


Ohhh that is so nice of you - thanks for dropping by my blog (http://beverly.livejournal.com)

I just bought the ice cream cup and flamingo charms (currently have the green lovebirds and pink double-cherry charms) - a VERY small collection but would love to add this panda to it! It actually won't be for me though, I told my best gf about it and her FAVOURITE animal is the panda, so I told her she gets it if I win :P Hope that is still ok? I am:

eBay: myfashionpassion
tpf: beverly

Also just joined your FB group!

ooh, i fell in love with the panda as soon as i saw him, i've just got into the JC charm thing and am waiting patiently for my first one to arrive from the US, its the lucky cat, i think he's walking himself over here though as it's taking forever for him to arrive ! hope he booked himself a first class seat !
tpf ladyisobel
email sarahrichards@tesco.net

aww! i love that little guy!

tpf: tresxbelle

This is so nice of you!! I love the panda charm, its so cute =)
tpf: joycieee89

just joined your facebook! =)

I'm currently in Japan (but have a US Mailing Addy), so this Panda Charm will be perfect! =)

tpf: twochubbycheeks
bonanzle: bagaholicmom
ebay: 8bagaholicmom8

Kittie LaRoche said...
May 22, 2009 at 12:48 AM

I just came across your blog and can't get enough of all the great pictures. Wow, a new obsession in the making for me! :-) It really seems that everything that has a special meaning to me has been done as a JC charm <3

tPF: Kittie LaRoche

I hope I'm not too late for the contest!
I LOVE your blog, it's such a great idea :)
Your pics of the panda are too cute, I can't resist the little guy!

email: Holly-J@comcast.net


tPF: Chelsae

Wow I hope you didn't change the date as I really want a chance to win!! Love this little guy!!

tpf: notoriousliz

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