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I suppose the common fear of clowns is what prevents this charm from being seen more often. Granted, it's missing the typical white face with bizarre colored markings, which is probably why I think of this more as a jester than I do a clown.

Either way, this little guy is incredibly whimsical. His features include a lone crystal eye, pointed golden nose, crystal earring, a frilly ring of ruffles around his neck, crystal hands, a very large and sweet pink heart body, and MC Hammer-esque pants covered in pave crystals. And of course I can't ignore the bezel-set crystal hanging from his cone hat. Coming in just shy of 2 inches tall I think this is one clown who is low on the scary factor (though I do wonder why he was only given one eye) and packing a lot of cute. His body is connected in three segments (head, heart, legs); this gives a lot of life and motion to him when worn. Should you happen to have that all-too-unpleasant fear of clowns, this charm might be a good way to work toward getting past it. ;)

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0831


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This clown is just creepy, but not as creepy as the victorian hand

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