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What is the most surprising thing about this charm? Its original retail price, for one. But the biggest visible shocker is that there is not even one crystal to be found anywhere on this ice cream soda. Yes, you heard me right. Juicy made a charm and did not adorn it with anything sparkly.

Still, this charm is often hunted by collectors and those new to the addiction alike. Why? It's pink, most people love ice cream, and it is very dainty in comparison to some of Juicy's other charms (the new white elephant, for example, which is a behemoth). Yet none of this prevents me from having a few complaints about this sweet treat.

For one thing, I have to reiterate my displeasure with the lack of pizazz that this charm has. Why not add a few crystals to the strawberry? Top off the whipped cream with a sparkling sprinkle or two? Add a little rhinestone detail to the rim or base of the glass? Even the strawberry's color lacks some serious luster; it's a very pale red color that's almost sheer enough to see the gold base beneath. My second major complaint is that the lobster clasp is attached to the strawberry, which makes it impossible for the charm to hang straight when worn. The straw is forever touching the solid round part of the clasp, which can lead to scratching and weakening of the straw itself. One final complaint? How is this even reminiscent of a soda float? Most people, including myself, usually refer to this charm as a "milkshake" since the glass is a solid creamy pink color and really gives no indication that soda was ever even a part of the design.

Do I love this charm? Sure. Do I wish Juicy would re-release an updated version? Everytime I look at it.

Price: $35.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0816


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it's too bad JC skimped on the details on this one but i still love it! i LOVE milkshakes AND ice cream sodas! this is one of the few older charms that i would try to hunt down for a higher price.


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