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ShopBellaBeach (formerly ShopDollyRocker, which will be referred to as SDR/SBB from now on) used to be my main source for Juicy charms. Unfortunately the website has really fallen down on the job lately, with no new charms in months. Customer Service keeps saying they'll be up in a few weeks but it never seems to materialize. I won't write them off for this, though - when you can get them there you usually get a pretty great deal.

Like I said, the selection is incredibly dismal right now - as of today they only have two charms available. It's been that way for months so I haven't been holding out for them to get new stuff in.

Regular retail pricing for Juicy merchandise.

Customer Service:
Excellent customer service. I'm not sure if it's Kristine who owns the website but you will get e-mails and responses from her directly. They're great at correcting problems before orders are sent out (should there be any) and answering any questions you might have.

SBB's return policy is here. It doesn't seem too complicated but I've never had to return anything to them so I can't say how it'll go.

Sign up for the e-mails! You won't regret it, I promise. SBB often sends out codes for anything from 15% to 30% off merchandise, including Juicy items. They also have frequent sales and you can sometimes catch an older charm or two at a really great reduced price. See the Bonus! section for a never-fail 20% off code.

Shipping & Tax:
To my recollection SDR always offered free shipping via UPS on orders over $100. International shipping was available, though I'm unsure at what cost. Since SDR was relaunched as SBB that information has disappeared from the website. It may be best to e-mail their customer service and ask before placing an order. SBB is located in Manhattan Beach, CA so once again you Californians may find yourselves hit with sales tax on your orders.

  • The code TOUTIE will get you 20% off your purchase. It has worked for YEARS and I'm unsure of when/if it will expire.
  • SBB has a sister website, DestinationWeddingWear. They stock charms as well, though their selection is even more pitiful right now with a paltry one charm. I don't think that SBB's discount codes can be used on the site but it's worth checking since it's a lesser known website (and therefore may have one or two harder-to-find charms once they've sold out elsewhere).


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