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I've got a thing for birds. Not that I don't love all animals, but there's something very majestic about birds. The detail and coloring that you see on some of them is nothing short of phenomenol. I actually have a lovebird and a finch, but nothing quite as exotic as a toucan. If I could I would, though.

If I didn't have him, I think the Toucan charm would be my HG. Not just because it's a bird, but because of the colors and the way the whole charm is put together. None of the other bird charms (lovebirds in a cage, lovebirds in a heart, sparrow, owl, penguin) are quite this simple, or this large. He comes in just below the 1.5" mark, and is the perfect size for hanging alone on a necklace. The heaviest part of the charm is the lobster claw, so his lightness is an added bonus for me. Smaller details include a crystal for each eye and the word "Juicy" tagged across his backside. It sounds kind of cheesy but it's barely noticeable.

Those of you who have seen a toucan in real life know that their colorings are nowhere near the way Juicy has portrayed them. That doesn't prevent me from imagining, however, that deep in some untouched pastel rain forest a candy-colored Toucan is flitting around with all of the other mythical and imagined creatures that we've all carried with us from our childhoods.

Price: $40.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0725


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