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Oh, Juicy. How I wish so badly that you had made a pair of earrings to match this charm. I would have loved to have seen miniaturized versions - the charm itself is slightly bigger than a quarter.

Would this charm make it into my top 10? Probably not (but only because so many of the LE holiday charms fill up those spots). Top 20? Definitely. Depending on how the light hits the flower petals it can have anything from a very light, white pearly appearance to a deep peach color near the center. It's not real mother-of-pearl but the effect is achieved just as well. The best part of the whole charm has to be the way they interpreted the center pieces of the real flower. Instead of long trumpets peeking out we have a loose group of gold chains with make up the word "Juicy" in addition to a small bezel-set crystal. As an added bonus (for me, at least) this charm is very lightweight. Also note how the second photo shows the depth that this charm has; it's not just a bunch of flat petals grouped together. They dip down toward the center, giving it subtle dimension.

Price: $45.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0597


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