How To Use Charm Candy


Just a couple of things to make reading this blog easier:

  • Always check the title of the post for links relevant to sites or stores mentioned in the post.
  • Use and abuse the tag system - this is the fastest way to find exactly what you're looking for, since I plan on tagging everything like a mad woman.
  • Pictures without the Charm Candy watermark on them are property of whatever website/company is linked to in that given post.
  • Photos from eBay will never appear here, as they're highly unreliable.

And now, a small key/legend for preview and review posts:
  • $ - the USD MSRP of a charm.
  • Where - generally the website from where the photo was pulled; charm may be available at other websites and retail locations as well.
  • Buyin' or Eyein'? - If I'm planning on purchasing a charm I'm buyin'. If it isn't my cup of tea I'm just eyein'.
  • Plus One? - Do I plan on obtaining any extras to sell in the future, or to use as gifts?
  • Misc. - Any miscellaneous information I might feel like including will be here.
  • Little E - my absolutely adorable and cherished 8 year-old cousin, whom I pick out specific charms for. Charms that qualify as "Little E worthy" have to be extra sparkly or a horse of some sort.
  • USD - United States Dollars
  • MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


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