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I can count on one hand the number of times I've ordered from Revolve. Don't mistake this for a bad thing, though; when I order from Revolve I order a LOT. They're one of my preferred websites for hunting Juicy charms.

Sometimes they're a little behind other larger sites and stores, like Nordstrom's, but generally their selection is pretty up to date and plentiful. The only time you'll see things going out of stock quickly is during a promotion or big sale (like 20% off your entire purchase).

Regular retail pricing for Juicy merchandise.

Customer Service:
I've never had a problem placing or receiving my order. I've heard horror stories from others about e-mails to CS going unanswered for weeks on end, though.

Revolve offers free returns, but their actual policy is a little more complicated than that. If you're unsure about a future purchase with them you may want to read up on it here before placing an order. I've never had to make a return to Revolve so I can't attest to how good or bad the process is.

Revolve definitely isn't pumping out the discount codes every month but they happen often enough. If you are a first time customer you can call their customer service number (1-888-442-5830) to obtain a 30% off code for your first purchase.

Shipping & Tax:
Shipping is, delightfully, free! For US orders it comes via USPS Priority, but you do have the option of upgrading to overnight, or picking from an assortment of UPS services. International shoppers receive free shipping when they spend $100 or more; anything less than that gets a flat $10 fee (excluding those in Canada: you'll still get it free). If you want expedited shipping make it $20. Revolve does have a regular retail store in West Hollywood, CA so I would say it's a safe bet that any CA residents face regular taxes on their purchases.

  • Revolve does ship out their Juicy charms with the foam intact, as well as the white paper wrapper and the plastic bag. This is a HUGE selling point for me - I like keeping the foam inside the box and the extra paper and bag help to protect the box during shipping. All shipments have been received with foam peanuts inside, which keeps the charms from banging around in transit.
  • You can earn 3% cash back through the LuckyRewards program. The program is sponsored by Lucky magazine, and you have to be a subscriber to access it. If you're not you can sign up for a 90-day trial of just the rewards program here. LuckyRewards hosts a variety of merchants, including eLuxury, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom's, and Sak's - all of which sell Juicy.


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