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Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe it's just the horrific week I've had. Either way, this charm screams EPIC FAIL! to me.

I kept hoping, with fingers crossed, that when this showed up and I could see it up close I would be pleasantly surprised. No such luck. It might be easier to talk about what isn't wrong with this charm, but I will outline my complaints anyway.

1. The colors. Red and blue?? Everything Juicy touches has practically been drowned in feminine colors and frilly fanciness. The first photo gives the illusion of a turquoise and coral scheme, which I might even take over the real deal. I think the primary color choices are terrible, especially paired with gold. (Red, yellow, blue.. never very appealing unless you're craving Hot Dog On A Stick.)

2. The eyes. Why the creepy slanty eyes, Juicy? Horses have gorgeous, large eyes and you've pulled it off before with the pegasus, deer charms, and rocking horses. So what gives? Felt too lazy to do anything more than a quick line on each side? It really lends a menacing look to the horse.

3. The saddle. It seems that someone found a Bedazzler and went overboard. I normally love Juicy's detailed crystal work but this just looks sloppy and tacky.

4. The ears. They're practically nonexistent.

5. The mane. Most carousels that I have been on or seen feature animals that are sculpted in some sort of action pose. So why not fan out the hair and give it some life? A wild, blowing mane could have really added some much needed pop to this piece.

6. The missing pole. This isn't such a big deal to me, but I know it is to a lot of you out there. You refuse to buy it without the traditional pole in the center and I don't blame you. After all, the pole is what most identifies it as a carousel horse, isn't it?

Am I returning it? Sadly, no. I pre-ordered during Bloomingdale's F&F so I managed to get it at a decent discount (plus there is no Bloomie's in Hawaii so returning it could become a pain). I grew up with a room stuffed full of carousel horses, so I'm keeping it for sentimental purposes rather than aesthetic ones. I am supremely disappointed in it, though. This charm could have been so much more, and definitely could have been on the same popularity level as the Panda had they put more thought into it. I'll take a premature leap and label this one the biggest downer of the summer.

Price: $58.00 MSRP
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2989
Season: Summer 2009
Misc.: Made in China, not intended for children under 12.


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I'm glad to see you're back! Welcome back!! Hope you're doing better.

Agreed on the carousel horse, the way it's eyes are slanted gives it an angry look. They definately could've done better.

i'm with you on the sentimental value instead of aesthetic!

So glad to see you posting again here and on tpf!!

As for the charm - I can't get over the fact it doesn't have a pole!! That really annoys me! And i absolutely agree the colours are awful, its eyes are creepy and they could have put it in a much more interesting pose. A big miss for me.

-starlett309 @ tpf

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