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Gone are the days when this little cutie would fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay. Not because it isn't loved or still longed for, but because Juicy re-released this charm last year. Note that the information I will list at the bottom with the YJRU and price pertain only to the original release, which came in the black and blue box.

I like this charm, and I think that the face is one of my favorite features. The eyes and lips have a great amount of detail, and the amount of hair they added is perfect. What I'm not so crazy about, though, is that the doll opens up to reveal.. absolutely nothing. The hallmark of a Russian Nesting Doll is that, well, they nest! The biggest doll is always home to a family of smaller ones that neatly fit inside of one another, until you get to the smallest one of all. Having this charm totally empty inside is a bit of a let down, especially since we've seen Juicy add very small pieces to the insides of charms (such as the piece of candy inside the Pinata charm).

The Nesting Doll charm is sizable; it comes in at well over an inch tall and has a significant amount of weight to it. It might be too heavy to wear on a fine chain, but will be just fine for a starter bracelet or the charm catcher necklace.

Price: 60.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0832


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