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Quite possibly one of the most underrated charms, I believe. Maybe because this one has been available for years, or maybe because ballet is a narrow interest. Personally, I did seven years of jazz, ballet, and tap before giving it up (ironically enough, I wanted nothing to do with the en pointe shoes).

These shoes are far less intimidating than the real deal, which have wood in the toes (ouch!). The baby pink enamel is incredibly elegant and smooth, which is interrupted only by the pave crystals that outline the edges. The ribbon seems like overkill at first, and can get a little unwieldy as it is looped through both shoes and the jump ring attached to the clasp. This means that the shoes have no real movement; they sit/hang pretty much the way you see them in the first photo. The bottom of the slippers hold a little more detail - I love the petite stitching near the toes! Juicy is printed on each one, just in case you forgot for a second. ;)

I can see how this charm isn't for everyone. The shoe charms aren't really my thing to begin with, but I picked these up a long while ago because I loved ballet so much when I took it. I sometimes wonder if I should have tried en pointe before writing it off but this charm gets me close enough to not wonder too much.

Price: 50.00
Box: Black/Blue
Code: YJRU0746


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