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First, I apologize for the drop off in posts again. Hopefully I will have the ballet slippers, a few new pre-order charms, and maybe a specially LE holiday charm profile up later today. Until then, I wanted to announce that CC is looking for a new home for three charms that have already been profiled.

If you are interested in either the Pave Lips, or original Look Book then you're in luck - both are ready to go out the door, in their original box with foam stuffing. I am advertising them here before I head to Bonanzle or eBay. You can send your highest offer to TPF members will receive free shipping, so long as you can provide me with an ACTIVE tpf ID that has posted on the thread more than 10 times. Descriptions of each charm are in their individual posts; use the label tags to find them. Everything is absolutely, no doubt about it 100% authentic. ALL OFFERS will be kept private, and I will remove this post if I can find a new home for all of them.


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