On The Horizon: Notebook


Joanne's wishes have been answered! How lucky is she, that Juicy nailed it on the head - a notebook with a writing instrument attached!

It is cute, although it looks like the spirals seriously outweigh the actual notebook itself. I'm really curious to see how the inside of the book looks, and a closeup of the pen/pencil. It'd be awesome if Juicy added a few pages to the inside that flip (like the Look Book and Diary), but I'm thinking I may be hoping for too much with that one.

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from JuicyCouture.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Eyein' until I can see it in person.
Plus One?: Nope
Misc.: late Summer 09 - listed ship date is 07/15.


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