On The Horizon: Unicorn


I am sure that at least 90% of us went through that mythical phase as children where we drew unicorns and fairies and castles with princesses drawn in our image. I read all of Bruce Coville's books that took me to worlds where such things existed, so I'll admit that my inner child shrieked a bit when I saw this on Juicy's website.

I will wait to see this one in person, though. I kind of wish it were an entire unicorn rather than just a head and I'm not sure if I like the silver hair mixed with the gold horn and nose/mouth/eye detail. I'm also not wild about the price at all. The hair looks ornate but everything else seems to be lacking that "wow" factor so trying to justify the $52 tag will be hard.

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from JuicyCouture.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Buyin'!
Plus One?: Nope
Misc.: late Summer 09 - listed ship date is 08/12.


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