On The Horizon: English Wellie Charm


I'm pretty excited that Juicy kept with an entire theme for longer than two charms. The second of three in the British bonanza is the Wellie Boot.

I have no personal connection to this cutie, and I don't typically buy the shoe charms. I love the clasps and flag detail, though. The boot looks as if it might be rather small (in comparison to the lobster clasp - one looks to be just slightly bigger than the other), which would be a plus for me. I also think I spy ridge detail on the bottom, and that would be a great new addition for a shoe charm (most are just flat and smooth).

Still, I find myself wavering on the new ones in an effort to prepare myself for what I can only hope will be a total charm blitz come holiday season. This one is staying off my list for now, only because the price is high and I'm just not.. gasp.. a shoe girl!

$: 52.00
Where: Pre-order from JuicyCouture.com
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Eyein'
Plus One?: Nope
Misc.: late Summer 09 - listed ship date is 08/12.


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