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Before I get wrapped up in gushing about how much I LOVE THIS CHARM, let me say this: the beach scene pictures came out really cute but I'm not sure I'd repeat the trouble again to do another set. Why? First, the discomfort I felt carrying around the substantial worth of 4 charms. Second, I took them sans boxes which meant they were all wrapped up in a small towel -- but this still didn't prevent me from fretting over scratches and missing stones. Three -- the fretting over scratches and missing stones! Last but not least, fine grain sand is a real pain to get rid of. It finds every little crevice you never knew existed and hangs on for dear life. Since I'm utterly opposed to putting them in water the best solution is to have canned air on hand to air dust them with.

Now, on with Mr. Octopus. When he was first released last year there was a great deal of debate over the shape of his head. It is alien-like, sure, but not so unlike that of a real octopus. He seemed to be one of those charms where you either went head-over-heels or threw out a cold shoulder. Me? Obviously I was smitten.

I love the ocean and have a great deal of respect for the creatures dwelling in it. They're all equally fascinating and I especially love the way that an octopus can move. Just this summer I watched one sprawl himself back and forth over a glass window at the Dallas World Aquarium. I think it's something about the way the tentacles move so fluidly. Juicy picked up on this quite well, as you can see the bright detail that lurks beneath this little guy. His "suckers" have been replaced with crystals that stand out amazingly against the peppy blue hue of his body. Wispy gold detailing between each tentacle and around the head give a sleek glow all over, and lend a nice pop! to the dark black eyes.

He didn't sell out immediately but definitely became one of those "once it's gone it's GONE" charms. When you can find him for resale you better prepare yourself to pay at least full original retail, if not significantly above.

Price: 52.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2662


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