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I love pearls. Something about the pure and clean look they retain makes me swoon. So here's my love for Juicy, as they took the traditional large pearl and dolled it up a bit with three rows of fancy script.

The top and bottom lines are the same; it reads Juicy Couture all the way around. The middle text reminds us why we collect charms: For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff. The color scheme is simplistic and fantastic -- you can't get much more classic than black and white.

This charm is still available in most regular retail stores, but be sure to check it very carefully before purchasing. Mine has a very small nick above the word "who" and while it isn't glaringly obvious it's enough that I know it's there. I guess I could be even more impressed that Juicy's fake pearls mimic the blemishes of a real pearl. ;)

Price: 38.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU2658


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