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I have a terrible fear of bugs. I'm told it started when I was 4 or 5. Try as I might to find piece with the creepy crawlies that we share this earth with, I can't. I still shriek when one unexpectedly whizzes past me, and it's practically an instinct to jump up onto something should one scurry across the floor. I have, however, made a lot of progress with my resolve not to just outright kill them when I see them.

Especially spiders. Spiders are supposed to be good luck (so I've heard), and the wonderful Jes has some of the most adorable spider pictures I have ever seen -- she keeps them as pets! I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to do that, but I admire her for caring so deeply for something that seems so unconventional to me. So, I haven't killed one in ages - when I see them I let them continue on their merry way.

While I'm still not ready to keep one around as a pet, I am fully excited to (finally!) have the spider charm. I'm a little disappointed with the color scheme they chose (a black spider would have made for such an adorable "Juicy Widow" charm) since, presumably, this is a Halloween charm. It seems awfully light and chipper for something we usually associate with darkness and spooky things. I also think the design of the body is odd - spiders only have two body parts, not three. And why no facial detail, apart from the weird buggy gold eyes?

With all of these complaints, you'd think I wouldn't like this charm. Wrong! The concept is great and the web alone makes up for anything else that isn't so great. Look at the detail - like very tiny, delicate pieces of rope woven around and around. This is absolutely a fantastic Halloween charm. There aren't very many in existence and once they're gone they can be hard to track down again. So if you're going back and forth on this one, I say go for it!

LE Tag Year: 2009
Price: 52.00
Box: Gold/Pink
Code: YJRU3180


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