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Between the avalanche of releases (Halloween charms out in August?!) and this must-have-one Charm Box, I think Juicy has finally realized that they have a very loyal base of customers who are primarily interested in one thing: charms.

I love the way this looks, but I'm torn. I am obsessive enough to have kept every single original box with each charm, save for a handful that came on bracelets that I no longer have. I'd really only have use for one box to keep these little individual charms in, but a part of me really wants a ton. I think I'll set my maximum cap at 2, though. One for storing the singles and another one to hold my most worn ones. Still, at almost $70 a piece I'm not sure that I could justify two at the end of the day.

Each one holds 18 charms, so I assume it's a two-tiered box. Juicy's site lists a "window top" in the description which makes me believe that it's some sort of plastic and not glass. That and the price may be the only things I'm not absolutely loving about this new couture container.

$: 68.00
Where: Pre-order from
Buyin' or Eyein'?: Buying at least one.
Plus One?: Soooo tempted..
Misc.: Fall 09 - listed ship date is 10/14.


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