Limited Edition: 2009 Snowflake


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I've never been particularly interested in the Snowflake charms, despite this being the only charm so far that Juicy changes every winter season. The concept is great; it immediately creates a set for anyone who is ambitious enough to get them every year.

Even though I love snow, they just never swayed me enough to spend the money on them. Not to mention that they all kind of looked the same, even if they were different. However, I was totally sold on the 2009 Snowflake when I saw it in person.

Perhaps because it looks more like a starbust than an actual snowflake? Whatever the reason, it's gorgeous. It has a wild amount of sparkle! The size crystals that Juicy chose for the tips of the flake are amazing; they're so big you don't even need much light for this charm to shine. 6 lines with pave crystals come streaming out from the center to add a little big of weight to the otherwise delicate lines holding the larger crystals in place. Even the back of this charm is pretty -- how often can you say that??

If you haven't picked this one up yet but are feeling like you should, then you're in luck. The ones that are left have made it to sales tables, and are discounted on websites (check!). I am fairly confident in saying that this particular charm will not be reissued; Juicy has been putting out a different Snowflake every year and doesn't do repeats of these, that I'm aware of.

LE Tag Year: 2009
Price: 58.00
Box: Gold/Pink
Code: YJRU3317


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