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Aw, go fly a kite why don'tcha!

If you insist. This was the second charm I ordered unseen and I am super thankful that the turnout was better than the bust incident (I promise.. I will post it eventually).

The first thing I have to tell you about is that the kite is more of a dark fuchsia color, not red like my pictures might suggest. The color of the kite itself was just too hard to capture, but the tassels (which are pretty much the color that the kite should be) and bow are true to life.

No complaints from me on this one. They used a simple design, kept the front clean, and got the structure of the kite right on. The tassels, both chain and string, are cute and the bow is such an adorable feminine touch. The pink, green, and white look great with the silver; should Juicy ever reissue this charm in gold I hope they pick a fitting color scheme (perhaps something blue?).

Size-wise it's pretty big! Maybe 2 inches, including the tail. Between that and the bright coloring I wouldn't call this one of the more subtle charms. I think this would look fantastic grouped with some of the other "outdoorsy" charms, such as the picnic basket, ladybug, hotdog, bucket of seashells, and so on.

Same story as the last few; it's cute but it's not vanishing like a magician and the price is elevated for what it is. I bet this one makes it to at least a few outlets, though it may go quick as spring and summer roll around (when people usually get the hankering to fly a kite).

Price: 42.00
Box: Silver/Pink
Code: YJRU3610


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