The First (and Only?) Juicy Charm List


One of the greatest mysteries when it comes to Juicy charms is authenticity. If you're new to collecting then sometimes you're unsure of which charms Juicy actually made and which ones they did not. Even for those of us who have been collecting a long time there are still lingering doubts on some of the oldest charms.

Have no fear, though! There's an answer to your problems. Rebecca (the famed Lvbabydoll for you PFers and a sweet, sweet friend) spent a great deal of time compiling information and photos on every charm she could find, creating the first comprehensive list for Juicy Couture charms.

I'm posting a link below to her blog, where you can find the information on how to get the list. It's totally free but you need a valid e-mail address to obtain the list. Throw a little love Rebecca's way for all of the hard work she put into it!

Rebecca's blog:

Post on how to get the list:


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