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Well, so much for my resolve to go back to posting daily! I wish you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving (if you were celebrating), and thank you for sticking in there with my erratic schedule. Fortunately for me -- and you -- a sweet little package from Shirley & Company landed in my mailbox this week.

This is hands down the charm I was most excited about. Don't get me wrong.. the LE holiday releases are sparkly and pretty. But none of them were grabbing me the way that past holiday charms had (like the nutcracker, reindeer, or original gingerbread house). Until this little guy ambled on up.

I love animals and if you've ever had the fortune to watch a polar bear up close you already know what magnificent creatures they are. Their strength is massive; I saw two play-fight at the San Diego Zoo a few summers ago and I might as well have been watching boulders slam into one another. Despite their untamed nature, polar bears are often represented as cute and cuddly. This charm is no exception. First of all, look at the face. The eyes are a deep rich black and I think Juicy made the right decision to use paint rather than crystals. It makes them look far more realstic, same goes for the nose. They didn't skimp on the crystals all together, though; check out the legs! This bear has got some fancy footwork going on.. perhaps they are to be interpreted as pieces of ice? Either way they don't overwhelm the bear entirely and really add to the festive feeling. The pads on the paws may be the best detail of all, though. Little golden hearts! Can you imagine how cute those footprints would be?

I have zero complaints about this one. It's really heavy but that's a good thing for me this time around, as I think it conveys how sturdy this charm is.

I love that this was a winter release; sure you think of cold climates when you think of polar bears, but I'm also reminded of the Coca Cola bear this time of year. Find it at a discount if you can but don't hesitate too long -- this is definitely one of those charms that will be hard to secure at reasonable prices once it's off shelves. It's one of the most realistic animal charms that they've done in quite some time, which will really make it stand out in your collection.

Price: 48.00
Box: Silver/Pink
Code: YJRU3427

P.S. Don't forget that the contest to win the Candy Cane charm ends in 4 days on 12/1. Every comment you leave (from this post forward) counts as one entry!


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Initially I wasn't interested in the polar bear, but you've always got the best big clear pictures of charms. This guy is pretty cute! I really like the fact you mentioned this is a heavy charm. From looking at other pictures online the charm has looked plasticy and I thought it'd be a light charm. Definately like some weight to my charms!

I love the polar bear! Since they are my favorite animals this charm was a must have for me.


Wow, this charm is pretty cute! T, I seriously wanna collect all the charms you have on this blog! Did you manage to go black friday shopping at the Juicy outlet? I heard they had 30% off sale but I was busy catching some Zzzzzz...! :-)

Kayyle it seems like a lot of the winter and holiday charms are heavier.. most of them are all metal and have very few plastic pieces. And the polar bear is so adorable! You totally need to see him in person :)

Heather did you grab one from S&C, too? :D

Janice we don't have a Juicy outlet in Hawaii :( I pretty much steered clear of Black Friday this year but I did wind up going to Best Buy at the last minute and it was STILL packed!

Omg, Best buy on black friday was madness! I went a few yrs back and I vowed to myself 'never again'. No outlet? Thats awful! Do you at least have the Nordstrom rack? I was there yesterday and I saw the pink ballerina slippers priced at 19.99-I immediately thought of ur blog-lol. I asked the sa about more Juicy charms and she said they usually get random ones from Nordstrom so check back every once in awhile and see. You should def hit one up if you have it in Hawaii!

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