Limited Edition: TeePee


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I am loving that Juicy is pumping out more of the charms that open up to reveal a little scene on the inside. Granted, they could switch it up a bit and give the Yorkie something else to do other than warm his paws over a fire. But as long as stuff this cute keeps coming along I'm not complaining.

Instead of talking about my favorite thing last I'm going to do it first. I LOVE the little printed buffalo on the outside of the teepee. 100% totally enamored with this detail. It could be my affinity for tiny animals that makes this stand out to me, but come on! They're adorable. The rest of the teepee decorations are kind of bland - the jagged red stripe along the bottom, the Juicy crown logo, and the zipper. There is a tiny hole on the front that allows you to see inside the teepee; this is such an adorable idea but would have come off just a little better if the fire inside didn't immediately block your view of everything else.

It seems that they kept the best stuff out of immediate view on this charm. Here you can spot our little Yorkie hanging out on a carpet in full headdress gear with a fire going. The fire doesn't come across quite as well as it did in the igloo -- it looks more like a container of french fries to me. But the little sticks of wood give it enough character to pull it off. And of course you should be sure not to skip out on taking a peek at the bottom. I love the little double entendre that they slipped in there.

This charm hasn't exactly been hard to find since it hit shelves, but you are pretty much guaranteed that once they're gone they're gone. Same as the igloo and gingerbread houses; a year from now this could be pretty hard to track down for a reasonable price. I'm also surprised to see that this charm, with all of its detail, came out to be $6 less than the LE Present which I consider to be much simpler. I'm dying to know how Juicy prices their charms.

LE Tag Year: 2009
Price: 52.00
Box: Gold/Pink
Code: YJRU3181


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