Limited Edition: Candy Cane (2007)


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Leave it to me to find a great deal on this Christmases-past charm over the summer, only to see it re-released (albeit in silver) this winter. I'm not too upset about it, though; this was my second LE 2007 Candy Cane as I had gotten one when they first came out. Why do I need/have two, you ask? I'll tell you in just a bit.

First let's talk about this charm. It's pretty perfect, save for the fact that the crystals are pink and not red. Would it have been better done in red? Possibly.. I mean the red and the white stripes are what makes candy canes so iconic. Red and white striped anything will usually remind people of candy canes, even if they're not shaped as such. But that's about my only complaint with this charm because I think the rest of it is perfect. The white enamel is smooth and makes for a great contrast against the chunky pink crystal stripes. The silver and crystal bow is a gorgeous little detail. It doesn't overwhelm the candy cane and adds an extra dimension of presentation to it, as if someone has wrapped this candy cane up just for you.

This charm was pretty hard to find at a decent price before it was revealed that it was being re-released in silver this season. The OCD part of me wants the candy cane in silver but I have resisted it thus far because they really are exactly the same except for the plating color and tag. Still, I think the gold is just a little bit shinier than the silver anyway. ;)

Now the good news. My amazing-summer-find Candy Cane was purchased just for Charm Candy! I'm giving it away and you have all of November to enter to win. Every comment you leave (from this post forward) will count as one entry. On December 1st a winner will be randomly selected, via the same method as last time. I know that seems like a long time away, but this gives everyone time to increase their odds and will be a nice little holiday surprise in the mail for someone by the time the deadline rolls around. Also, I'm hoping it will force me to return to my 1-a-day posting system I had going earlier this year. So comment away -- this is open to everyone (unless you're in Greece or Italy :[ .. mail mysteriously vanishes in that area too often)!

LE Tag Year: 2007
Price: 48.00
Box: Gold/Pink
Code: YJRU1459


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What a cute little charm!!

Juicy always manages to make these cute little creations!

they are both so cute!

I keep coming back to these. So cute you wanna eat them.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and having this charm would always remind me of that.

oops I also forgot to mention - look at all the glitter and bling!

I love that this is pink & white and different from the traditional red&white candy cane, but I do agree with you that the red & white would make it more iconic.

back again.
I also love the Juicy couture boxes. What great packaging, and the more I think about, the pink velour inside the box would go so well with the glittery pink in the candy cane.

I would have bought 2 as well. It would make an excellent gift!

coming back to see this lovely charm :-)

I reread your blog and saw that it was rereleased in silver. I think Juicy couture made a smart choice in doing that. Silver represents snow and just works great with the whole x-mas theme. Love it.

Happy Thanksgiving and now it's time to celebrate christmas and I had to come back and look at this charm :-)

What a great addition to any charm collection

The great thing about a holiday charm is that it can be worn by any woman of any age, since it's festive.

This is a staple for anyone who loves to collect holiday figurines or ornaments. I can see this hanging off my tree as well.

last day of the contest! Good luck everyone in winning this charm - what a cutie little charm!!!!! Happy holidays cedes

I just found your blog through TPF, you have some great information. Especially on the Juicy charms so thanks! I'm looking to buy a few as a gift this Christmas and would like to start collection myself. :)

Today is Dec 1st - good luck everyone in winning this adorable charm!

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