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Put a fork in me, I'm done.

I LOVE this charm. I don't really have too much to say about it, because it's all right there for you to see. Great bronze-gold color on the body, little white paws capped off with gold pads, happy stance, face is spot on, and the collar is such a nice detail. Maybe a tad too big, but then again most small dogs have collars that look huge on them.

Chihuahuas aren't for everyone (I adore them), but I think this charm won't last all that long. It's very different from any Yorkie charm they've ever put out, and lots of younger girls are geared toward small dogs. Personally, I bought two -- one for me and one for Little E, whose own chihuahua looks almost exactly like this charm. I can see Juicy putting out an entire line of different breeds of dogs!

Price: 48.00
Box: Brown/Pink
Code: YJRU3815


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AHHHH!!! I need to start paying attention more to charms again ... between this and the bird, I need to make some purchases!

This stash chihuahua is so cute to have. I think this will be a cute charm to my fringe bag. A ripped jeans, a sports t shirt
, and a stash chihuahua charm is so cool outfit for this weekend.

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