Diversion: Gummy Bear Bracelet


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It's okay if you want to squeal a little bit. After all, gummy bear jewelry is very hard to come by.

A few weeks ago I was in Claire's, searching for a birthday gift for my 9 year-old cousin (Little E!). I hardly ever buy anything for myself from Claire's, apart from nail polish. The store is geared to the younger age range, while its sister store The Icing aims for teens and young adults. Truth be told, I'm probably too old to be looking for something in either store, but whatever.

Anyway! There they were, hanging around near the front. Gummy bear bracelets, necklaces, and small plastic bags. I was instantly enamored. They're bright, colorful, and just so cute! How could anyone not love them?

I passed on the necklace because it was kind of awkward; the same amount of Gummy bears, strung evenly across the front. I don't think it's something that anyone over the age of 10 could pull off well. The bags didn't really get my attention either, because they just felt so cheaply made.

The red, orange, and yellow bears all seem to be extremely similar in color under low-lighting situations. But with a good amount of light you can definitely see the difference -- I just love the whole rainbow effect you get when the colors are ordered like that!

Sure, this bracelet isn't pure silver and gemstones but for the price (under $10) it's perfect. I wore it in celebration of all things whimsical when I went to see Alice in Wonderland (the 3-D version is amazing!) and got compliments on it left and right. I stopped in at Claire's again this past Friday, to see about picking one or two more up for friends. Not surprisingly, they had sold out of the bracelets. So you better hurry up and nab one before they're all gone! Gummy bears don't last forever, you know. ;)


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i have this bracelet i love it but i lost the red gummie bear and i cant find a replacement do you have any idea where i cud get 1

This bracelet is so colorful, a perfect bracelet for my womens sport t shirts.

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